Burnout Revenge

Why can I not play Burnout Revenge online?

EA closed the Burnout Revenge servers 2012-04-13. EA actually changed their mind and the servers were back online 2012-05-01!

How many players does Burnout Revenge support for online racing?

Burnout Revenge supports up to 6 players in the same lobby for online racing and road rage.

Can Burnout Revenge still be played online?

Yes! If you own a XBOX 360 and the XBOX 360 version of Burnout Revenge you can still enjoy the game online.

Online service for Burnout Revenge on all other platforms (XBOX and PS2) was shut down in 2007.

What is drift jumping?


We have two really good articles on BurnoutAholics.com that tells you all you need to know about drift jumping.

1. The art of Drift Jumping by IVORBIGUN7
2. FrozenVapor's Drift Jumping Guide

What songs and artists are featured in the soundtrack for Burnout Revenge?

Here is the list of the songs and artists featured in the Burnout Revenge in-game music soundtrack. The soundtrack is also available from iTunes.


Andy Hunter - Come On
Animal Alpha - Bundy
Apocalyptica - Life Burns!
Asian Dub Foundation - Flyover
Avenged - Sevenfold Beast...
Billy Talent - Red Flag
Bloc Party - Helicopter
Bullet For My Valentine - Hand Of Blood
The Chemical Brothers - The Big Jump
CKY - As The Tables Turn
Comeback Kid - Wake The Dead

What is ELO?

ELO is a rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in two-player games such as chess and Go. ELO is not an acronym. It is the family name of the system's creator, Arpad Elo (1903–1992), a Hungarian-born American physics professor.

ELO was originally invented as an improved chess rating system although it is used in many games today. It is also used as a rating system for competitive multi-player play in a number of computer games. For more information on ELO go to wikipedia.org

What are the ranks in the Burnout Revenge World Tour?

Dominator Elite

How can I use the cars I downloaded in the World Tour (offline play)?

Here is how to unlock the downloadable cars for offline play. You need to unlock their equivalents in the offline game in order to use them.

To get the Spike TV Car you must unlock the Black Elite, to get Dolby car you must unlock the Etnies Racer and so on.

To unlock the 360 car get to Dominator Rank and win a medal on Lone Peak Crashbreaker Race Reverse.

To unlock the Circuit City Car get to Assassin rank and win a medal on Central Route Crashbreaker Eliminator Short Forward.

To unlock Best Buy car complete Motor City Challenge Sheet.

What is the worst and the best rank you can have in Burnout Revenge for the XBOX 360?

There are six different “online” leaderboards in Burnout Revenge. Race Ranking is the rank that is your overall ranking and is based on ELO. The higher ELO the lower the rank. Rank 1 is best and rank 75000 is the worst. All the other leaderboards has ranks from 1 to 3000. Burnout Revenge 360 leaderboards are available on the Official Burnout Revenge web site.

Why doesn't my laptimes show on the online leaderboards in Burnout Revenge?

1. Your time is not in the top 3000 in the world for that track. If your time is not good enough it will show up as a -. Also not that lap times for player matches (unranked matches) does not register on the online leaderboards.

2. If you know for sure that your time is in the top 3000 your time is not showing because of a bug in Burnout Revenge. This problem affects both the online leaderboards and your best time that is shown when a track is loading. For some players the lap times just disappear or never register at all.


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