Burnout Paradise

Can I delete the old updates from my Xbox 360 Hard Drive?

Yes, you can delete the previous updates as each successive update includes all of the information from the previous updates.

Once you have v 1.7 installed, you can delete 1.6 the Bike pack and Cagney.

Where is the Re-Start option?

The Re-Start option can be found in the Easy Drive menu on the D-Pad, just press right on the D-Pad when you want to re-start the event you are on, or the previous event and select Re-Start.

I have downloaded the Bike Pack but I get a message saying that the content is damaged when I load the game. What should I do?

This applies to the XBOX 360 version of Burnout Paradise.

'Try to go back to the dashboard and reload the game. The problem seems to be intermittent and reloading the game should solve the problem.

Which is the best car to race with online?

Revenge Racer

Does Burnout Paradise have boostless cars?

Yes, currently there are two boostless cars available for online play in Burnout Paradise.

The Hunter Olympus and the Nakamura Raj-Jin both have a 10 speed rating and no boost. When you enter showtime with boostless cars you get a white boost bar for the duration of the showtime.

What is the shortest possible race I can create in Burnout Paradise?

The shortest race you can create is 1093 yards.

The shortest race in Burnout Paradise


How many Carbon Cars are there in Burnout Paradise?

There are 6 Carbon cars in Burnout Paradise.

Krieger Carbon UBERSCHALL 8 -  (completed 2 full sets of online freeburn challenges)
Montgomery Carbon Hawker - (all billboards)
Carson Carbon GT Concept - (all smashes)
Jansen Carbon X12 - (all super jumps)
Kitano Carbon Hydros Custom - (beat all Showtime Road Rules)
Nakmura Carbon Ikusa GT - (beat all Time Road Rules)

How to activate or set road rules?

A road rule is a online or offline ShowTime record or Time record for a street. To be able to set a road rule the first thing you must do is activate the type of road rule you want to set. There are basically 4 different choices:


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