ILM: Share Map Collections Through RSS

The Burnout Paradise, Paradise City Interactive Locations Map now supports RSS feeds for sharing collections of maps with others.  That is, the map can be given an RSS feed that it can then read as a map collection and use that collection for its locations set as seen in the map's locations dialog. At present, you can only load a feed through a URL parameter, e.g.

Granted, I've seen few people actually even create maps, but I think those who have interest in showing off custom races could leverage this feature to share a number of those maps at once.

Other updates include:

  • Map locations have been associated with paths and shapes (first point used in path or shape)
  • You can now see the coordinates for a selected location in the description dialog


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That's cool. I will try out the RSS feed for my custom routes.

-- The Creator --

-- The Creator --