Burnout Paradise Leaderboards

A couple of months ago we added "Points on my License" to your profile. We are now using this data for top 10 leaderboards in each category. Are you in the BurnoutAholics Paradise Hall of Fame top 10?

We have added a couple of new categories to the "Points on my License" today. You can now update your best Stunt Run score, Showtime Score and best Takedown rampage. Go to your account to update "Points on my License" now and join the BurnoutAholics Hall of Fame showdown. Please make sure that you input your scores in the correct format (digits 0-9 no other characters are allowed)

Please note that any member can request photographic evidence (screen shot) of any score submitted. If the request is not met all your scores will be removed.

I will be adding new top 10 leaderboards every week for the next month so there will be lots of categories to compete in. We will not be doing leaderboards for best drift, oncoming, jump distance and power parking.



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Is there any way to see what submission has had a photo taken and submitted for confirmation (and be able to see it if desired)?


Burnout Paradise Map: http://www.senocular.com/burnout/

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I've added a "Verified" column to the leaderboards so you know if the scores are verified or not.


-- The Creator --

-- The Creator --