Bit the Bullet: Facebook and Fitness

OK, after years of umming and ahhing and being fairly indecisive and mostly anti-facebook, I have set up an account.

The final straw for me was being an expat and needing an extra resource to connect with people from back home and other expats here.

The new year gave me focus to take the plunge... and I am happy I did.

I have 15 friends already! smiley I am slowly adding everybody, so if you know me you may get a request soon.

I've caught up with some old friends and seen some nice family photos, some good pics of m8's too!

Another new years motivation is to lose that other 10kgs, to which end I have started Getting Fit with Mel B on Kinect. We did lots of The Biggest Loser game last year and I have lost 8kgs already, but fancy a change. I got the Mel B game silly cheap from and I really like the style of the game. It also has sport specific goals, so I have mine set to Ski Fit as we are planning a ski trip at Easter. Hopefully Mel B will scare my legs into being strong enough by then!

I got Zumba fitness for Christmas too, I haven't tried the full game yet, but enjoyed the demo, so I'm sure that will be fun when I get fed up of getting fit with Mel.

We have been fairly slack around here, no Christmas or New Year messages, but we do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wish you all the best for 2012! wink



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I have joined an expat group on Facebook and went out with a bunch of lovely girls last night. It's the first time I have had an evening out in Bergen without Xandu for socializing since the baby was born.... I say baby but as she is two now you will understand that it has been a very long time since I went out. (I have been out in the UK once in that time tho!)

Winter has kicked in here, and my exercising plans have been put on ice. One of the girls last night suggested we start doing Shbam classes together, it's a bit like Zumba, so could be fun!

I also posted on the Burnout facebook page as Xandu hasn't received anything for winning the CRASH! contest yet. Haven't heard anything back yet tho!

It's been to long since we had anything Burnout related to write about! Although Xandu has been playing the old Burnouts a bit again.... mostly Burnout 2!

What are you all up to? :)