Famous Members :)

Recently SUFFUR was caught on camera at the Eurogamer Expo, he was in the retro gaming zone playing Burnout 3: Takedown as the Inside Xbox team were doing their thang.

Here is our capture of his frame of fame (although he tells me it was 72 frames) ;

Suffur sat behind Andy Farrant's head

We also have another 3 people we know, one of whom is our very own hn6, featured on a WGLtv video as they are all members of the NSD clan (That's North South Divide).

So, here is hn6, Kevlar0 and Big Bad Wolfy on YouTube:

NSD interview

Nice to see you all! smiley



MonkyCMonkeyDo's picture

Is suffur invisible in that photo?

Giraffe are under-rated.

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Said in a Hayley Joel Osment kinda way. He is just there.... can't you see him.... am I going mad??? Is it just me? Or was I not clear enough, he is to the right of Andy Farrant's head. It is kinda blurry tho! cool

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Fail Whale by me there, I didnt realise how big the photo was and hadn't scrolled over.


Bless he looks so focused :P

Giraffe are under-rated.

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On the Xbox , and later met a Sound designer from the Burnouts of 1,2,3 and 1/2 of 4. Who is of FortressCraft fame, had a good chat about the Burnout Canon.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?