Burnout CRASH! Crashes my 360!

I was going to play Burnout CRASH! tonight, as you can see from the score boards I am only 54% complete with a long way to go to catch up with the Xandu v Suffur battle for the Burnout CRASH! Crown.

However, as my Xbox kept buzzing and freezing when I tried to play, I gave up and watched Extreme Couponing instead.

I would so do couponing if I lived in the states! How do stores and manufacturers still make a profit when some people can walk out with thousands of dollars worth of stuff for FREE? craziness!

Might try playing CRASH! again tomorrow, hopefully my 360 will be OK after a good nights rest. indecision


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I actually thought it was Kinect in combination with Burnout CRASH! But since your XBox kept freezing after disconnecting Kinect I think we can safely say that the freeze is cause by Burnout CRASH! They wierd thing was that the XBOX did not feel hot, so it is not a overheat issue. Might be time to call Xbox Support again and get the Xbox replaced... I think it will be the 4th time for that one now!

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We cleared the System Cache and that seems to have fix the problem for now.

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Thank you Xandu!

Hopefully it will stick, it was an odd error as the graphics went funny and there was a bzzzt noise when the box froze.

I really don't want to have to send another Xbox back again! But, I guess it has been a little while since we had to do that.

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Well, my fix was only temorary. ZombieTron's Xbox 360 is no more. It now only gets to the 360 logo when booting up and then dies with a crackeling noise. Will contact support today to get them to send a new one as I think this is the 3rd or 4th time this XBOX dies. It is still in warranty so all good.

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Glad it is still in warranty, but still a shame as they take a while to replace.


Mine stopped working recently, black screen with no sound, suprisingly I actually found a fix that worked for me that uses nothing more than 2 humble cotton wool bud sticks lol Mine was out of warranty though and I had 2 other broken 360s sat around to take the risk of a fix like this. Here's a link if you are interested http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV4OX8-SQqY&feature=related


Hope they don't take too long!

Giraffe are under-rated.

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We actually own 4 Xbox 360's between us. As both of ours RROD'd before MS began replacing them. We both bought new replacements, then sent the busted ones back when the policy changed.

So, as long as our 2 spares don't break in the time it takes for them to fix or replace the one we send back. We will both still be online! smiley