Burnout CRASH! BIG Blog!

OK, so I have a bit more time this morning to give a slightly longer impression of Burnout CRASH!

Thanks to SUFFUR for the link, we now have some gameplay footage up on the site HERE

On first watching this footage, whilst being distracted by my energetic toddler, I thought "hmmm this just isn't Burnout". But, as (sadly) I have come to expect that from Criterion Games, I took a second look without any preconceptions.... and it looks a lot of FUN!!!

As some of you on my friends list may know, there have been several occasions over the last year or so where Xandu and I have joked about changing this site to PeggleAholics, we have certainly played more Peggle then Burnout during that time.

Burnout CRASH! Looks like it has the potential to join the ranks of Peggle as a perfect XBLA game!

I love the line in the press release (which you can read HERE) which says "Burnout CRASH! packs countless hours of reckless chaos into an easy to pick up, but difficult to master gameplay experience."

Having seen the brief video of gameplay footage, I can see myself wanting to take the time to master each junction. Just like in Peggle, where I am currently working on that last and hardest achievement of clearing each board!

I was worried that the screen shots were a bit light on traffic, but the gameplay footage shows that the crashed traffic cars dissappear when they are blown to smithereens! So, my worry on that score has abated.

I'm not sure what roots the press release is talking about Criterion Games going back to, it may be crash mode, but it's not as we know it. I am still living in hope that Criterion Games (or anyone else really as long as they do it right) make another true Burnout game. By "true Burnout" I mean having the shared elements that the first 3 or 4 Burnout games have; closed tracks, driving dangerously to earn boost, battle racing, seat of your pants driving style...

Overall, I think Burnout CRASH! looks like it will be a lot of FUN! whether that FUN! is the lasting kind still remains to be seen.

I am looking forward to shelling out my MS points on this one!