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OK, so we now have more details about Burnout Crash. Xandu wrote a super quick story this morning before he was able to read more details. I am in the process of editing that story and putting some flesh on the bones as I go through all the other bits and pieces about the game I can find.

So, the story will be changing throughout the course of the day.

As I am at home looking after a toddler, I will be doing edits as and when I get a minute.

My first impressions..... I really like the teaser trailer, but the screen shots I have seen so far look very light on traffic.... Looking forward to seeing and reading more about it.

Off to wipe Weetabix off the walls now... back to editing when I can! :)



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There is a bit of info about two of the game modes, which I will take another look at later. Right now tho, I'm off out to play in the sunshine!

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 According to edge its a top down kinect compatible game. http://www.next-gen.biz/news/criterion-announces-burnout-crash

they've got 3 pics, looks like the old gta games a bit.


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About 38 minutes in, til about 40 minutes in, you can see Richard Franke doing the Burnout CRASH! announcement, enjoy!;

EA Summer Showcase 2011

And this is the Burnout CRASH! room at the showcase;

CG's Showcase Room