"All prepping a presentation on our next game."

Is it time for us BurnoutAholics to start getting excited again? Could a new instalment of our favourite gaming series be on it's way?

This was a recent tweet from Alex Ward "All prepping a presentation on our next game." Which on top of other tweets from CG team members like "Not long to go till I get back to Criterion to work on "next project" :-)" from Tad Swift, is getting me a little bit excited!

Not sure if this means there will be no more DLC for NFS:HP, as the GamerScore is still an odd number, I am thinking not, but it does mean at least that some of the team are starting work on something  new!

OK, that's not really a surprise or anything, I mean I knew they weren't going to keep working on NFS:HP forever... I'm just really excited and love the anticipation of not knowing what CG's next project is. Hoping in my burning heart for the ultimate Burnout game from the awesome Burnout team... I await an announcement with my fingers crossed that we will be getting the Burnout game we have been dreaming of.

In the meantime, I'm going to update our links page with CG Twitterers as there are quite a few of the team at it now. I will put a link to our FB fanpage too, even tho I haven't seen it. LOL!  

EDIT: If you know any other CG team members Twitter feeds that aren't on my list, please let me know!


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Earlier today i came across an article which linked to an Ea employee's linkedin profile because he might be working on a psp2 title. What caught my eye is that in the projects he's currently working on, he lists Burnout Crash(PS3, Xbox 360). www.linkedin.com/in/jgalera
Also an australian software ratings company gave it a rating
(submitted on april fools )

When looking around a little more i found some more news articles, but all of them are based on these 2 sources. Rumour has it that this might be an downloadable game only.
Also even if this game is real, im not entirely sure if it's made by criterion.
Now let's just hope it isn't some kind of late april fools joke.

Some of the articles i found:


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It looks genuine to me, although it also looks like it probably isn't by Criterion Games. They may have some input tho, as this is the first we are hearing about it, we really don't know!

Either way tho, any new Burnout title is interesting for us, especially as it is going to be on the Xbox 360!

I'm looking forward to hearing more about this title, thanks for the heads up!

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It looks like it's defenately going to be a crash only game. And because of that i think it will be an arcade game.

This isn't mutch more new information because it's a quote from that same rating board.

"An action arcade style game set in the fictional world of Crash City. The aim of the game is to cause as much damage as possible to traffic and buildings by crashing a car into them."


To be honest, i did like the crash mode in burnout takedown and revenge, but a complete game of crash only sounds like i't won't keep me occupied for very long.


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From that description it sounds like it might be a ShowTime Game! That would be horrible!!!! And wouldn't do anything to return the Burnout name to the great reputation it had as the Arcade Racing King pre-Paradise!

I will still try to keep an open mind until we get more details, I just really hope every new detail we learn doesn't make me want to kill somebody!!!