HydroThunder Hurricane

It's Burnout in Boats!

At the beginning of this year I was excited about all of the Arcade Racing titles being released. Here is a linky to the blog I wrote about it: 2010 - The Year of The Racer 

HydroThunder Hurricane was one of the games I was really looking forward too, and as Joy Ride is Kinect only now and Joe Danger still has no signs of being released on the 360, apart from NFS:HP it is the last racing game I will be getting this year.


It's Burnout in Boats!!!

You can do a Boost Start by hitting the accelerate at the same time as they say "GO!" This gives you a spurt of nos that you can use. Normally you have to pick up the nos canisters which are scattered around the courses to gain boost. You can get a boost of speed by drafting in the wake of your opponents too.

Once you have nos in your tank, there are a couple of things you can do with it. Using the A button the same way as Burnout to Boost to insane speeds, or by using the X button to Boost Jump over your Rivals or over the many obstacles in your way. You can also Boost Jump to higher nos canisters, secret shiny things and short cuts.

There are many, many shortcuts and alternative routes that you can take. I haven't learnt many of them yet, and it will take a while to learn the best and shortest routes to take. One of the offline modes in Ring Races, these come in different skill settings and each level (beginnner, pro etc) has a different route of Rings. This mode will definitely help you to learn all of the shortcuts and alternative routes.

There is also a gauntlet mode where you have to avoid the red barrels which blow up on impact, and ofcourse standard races and championships to compete in.

Online tho is where HydroThunder Hurricane really resembles Burnout in Boats! with Rubber Ducky Racing!!!

In Rubber Ducky Races the competitors are split into 2 teams, it's Red v Blue! One member on each team races as a Rubber Ducky. Each Rubber Ducky tries to win the race, the job of the rest of the team is to protect their Rubber Ducky and TakeDown the Rubber Ducky on the other team to prevent them from winning the race. This is the closest thing to RoadRage in a non-burnout game. It is a lot of fun to play!!

It is one XBLA title that I think is worth the 1200 point price tag, especially for BurnoutAholics! If you don't believe me, try the trial game... you get 10 minutes of online play for FREE so you can get a good idea if you want to commit to purchasing this super fun boat racing Burnout-esque title!


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Dont get me wrong this game is just as enjoyable as Burnout but the original Hydro Thunder is still much better in my opinion and I still play the hell out of it...even though there is a huge difference in graphics.

I got it and if I see you on there...I'll be sure to jump in and race.