First Steps

Our beautiful 10 month old Burnout Baby is now a walker! She took her first few tentative steps a few weeks ago, and now there is no stopping her, she walks everywhere!

It is nearly the end of summer for us. I noticed brown leaves on the ground today, a real sign that summer is nearly over. We haven't had much of a summer this year, it hasn't been warm enough to swim in the sea. We are definitely thinking about going abroad for a summer holiday next year!

I am looking forward to going back to school. I haven't studied at all on my own over the summer, so would like to get back into speaking norwegian regularly again.

We also have plans to take baby girl to a baby swimming course in september. I am really looking forward to that as she loves the water and we haven't taken her to the pool yet. I have been wanting to take her swimming for a long time, I'm sure she will love it!

I'm gonna to update our poll today, sorry about my tardiness in keeping things up to date! There hasn't been much NFS news, but I guess it will be out before we know it. I have mostly been playing Revenge and HydroThunder (Burnout in Boats!) in between playing PokerSmash.. on which I Smashed my record and scored a whopping 105k on Timed Mode to put me back in the top 50 on the leaderboards!!!

Take Care All x