The price of a free game... £169!

Just had to blog this because it's ridiculous... and because I have moved from bytching about Paradise to bytching about Xbox!

So Kinect has been given a price tag of £129.99 with Kinect Adventures, if you want to play Joy Ride it's another £39.99 making a total of £169.98 for what was promised to be a FREE GAME! 

Ofcourse it was only going to be FREE to Gold members at £39.99 a year it soon ads up... and then it was just a bare bones game and the flesh was going to be sold as PDLC. I'm sure a few gamers could easily have spent the £39.99 retail for the disc game on buying flashy decals on the Game Marketplace.

At that price point I will not be buying Kinect, I wonder if anybody will, beyond Xbox fanboys??? 

At that price point it's not even competing with Wii... nobody without a console who wants to get one for the motion games will get anything but Wii if price is a factor for them.

Maybe I should get a Wii?


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Just had to add that I have paid a lot of money for Controllers in my time. Guitars for Guitar Hero, Arcade Sticks, Steering Wheels, Dance Mats, Maraca's and light guns... but all of those I paid for because at the time I was a hard core gamer and wanted to have those additional gaming experiences.

I would never pay that much for a controller now... I have a kid, my priorities have shifted, and if she wants Kinect when she is older (or whatever is equivalent at the time) she will have to save up her own pocket money for it or at least for half of it, just like I had to for my first Amiga! (OK thats a lie, I was given my first Amiga, but my friend had to save up for his commodore 64 and I think his parents had the right idea).

How many parents will be buying Kinect for their kids this christmas on the back of the credit crunch with super high unemployment and severe cuts and more unemployment on the horizon.... hmm probably still a lot.

I still can't see a lot of casual gamers buying this, and the hard core gamers aren't going to get it because there are no games that appeal to them yet.

If Lionhead had completed a game that looked as awesome as their E3 project natal demo back in 2009, I think a lot more hard core gamers would be chomping at the bit to get Kinect on day one and pay whatever price was being asked for it.

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Me i'm not impressed with the price of everything, let alone xbox, especially, when some of the new ones are not working, so I will wait till i get one, but still have to send that Elite back yet which is going to cost £80 minimum, for a new DVD Drive and HDD drive if they fix that.

Crackdown 2 was well expensive for me, and i get discount! And it can be finished in less than a week if your a lamer score whore.

To me Kinect should be £60 with 2 games in the box, then it would sell, and sell out like the Wii. 

I am also not happy with pricing world wide, games and stuff cost more else where, the UK it's expensive, in Europe it extortionate, while the US of A  it's well cheap to be a gamer, for the price of the stuff i paid for over here just on Xbox I could have all three consoles and all the AAA titles to go with them, great broad band, cheaper LIVE and Netflicks. Honk Kong it not so expensive, but that's a long way to go for a game.

And wow baby girl has the power over you mommy dearest, lol. But we love you anyhew, oxo.

But do please get on the high horse and give'm what for...

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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For what I've paid for games here in Norway, in the US I could have bought myself and 2 of my friends xbox 360, wii and ps3 with all AAA titles, 5 years of Xbox live and a cruise around the world, and a Samsung 55" LED for all of us (retail price for games here are 59.99-69.99)! Im guessing the price of kinect here will probably start around 1499, which is about £150. And no! I do not want one for xmas unless it has been bought for 9.99 at

and... I'm now only missing 4 out of the 500 orbs...

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-- The Creator --

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Couple of links, one a comparison of Sony's Move compared against Wii and Kinect;

Ofcourse being by Sony it seems a little unfair as some of the No's on the Kinect list are more N/A's as you are the controller so batteries etc are not required, and the whole point of Kinect is to be controller free so having buttons or a secondary controller are kinda beside the point.

AFAIK it is possible to use the Xbox controller with Kinect if any developer wanted to do that so you can have buttons/secondary control by using the Xbox control pad... please correct me if I am wrong.

Then there is this comic showing the constraints of Kinect, which to me make it very limited... I don't think it would work in my living room if it needs to see me full length. I have heard that it had to be six feet away from the player... who has rooms big enough??

The more I read about Kinect the less impressed I am. I keep thinking back to Microsofts E3 2010 and the focus on controlling the dashboard and video chat with Kinect, which is kinda cool, but not if you have to be standing up in tight fitting clothes or the nude at least six feet away from the sensor!