No more 1 vs 100 and other Xbox dissapointments

I just heard about 1 vs 100 being cancelled, there wont be a 3rd season and they are now working on using the tech for 1 vs 100 for different things. But, as 1 vs 100 was record breakingly popular and many gamers were eagerly anticipating it's return. Why not keep it going?

I was only able to play some of, I think it was the first season, as it was region locked in an update and Norway was among the many countries which were denied access to 1 vs 100.

I remember seeing an interview with the creators, I think it was on Sent U A Message or some other Inside Xbox thing, where they were asked about it being opened to other regions and they stated this would be looked at for future seasons. I was waiting for them to open the game up to the whole world as it was a game which actually got a good group of my friends playing together for a change!

Many announcements by Xbox recently have left me wondering what the hell they are playing at??? What with killing off Original Xbox Live and still not giving us the details of the so called improvements coming as a reason for the closedown. The dissapointment about Joy Rides broken promises, and that it looks poo as a kinect game. The constant announcements for USA only content or other region specific stuff which makes my Gold membership seem inferior to others. And the general blah I feel about PDLC and the apps being developed for the dash and things like the family pack which seem to be for single consoles only.. like any families with more than one gold account only have one console!!

I really hope Xbox announce something to get me exciting about being an Xbox Live gamer again soon! And I really hope that no more 1 vs 100 means that they are working on a world wide, non region locked, general knowledge quiz/gameshow that everybody can take part in.

I still think it's a shame that they canned 1 vs 100 tho as the format really worked well for thousands of people being able to play at the same time.


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Here in Norway we pay 30% more for the Xbox Live Membership than in the UK and about 50% more that the US. You should think that we would get lots more stuff than any region but the reality is that we get nothing special. Yes we get facebook (f*** f*****g s***book!) and twitter but that is it. No tv shows,  no swag, no competitions with 1000s of prizes,  no discounts, twice as expensive games, no live tv, no 1 vs 100, no free games, nothing!

I think M$ should reduce the price of the membership or give us a couple of free retail games a year to compensate for what we don't get but actully pay twice as much for than anyone else.

PS! Luckily there are ways to get the XBL membership for US prices, but only a very few knows about this. I'm now paying around £26 a year which is not too bad.

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