Spring Cleaning Our Front Page

I have just done a bit of spring cleaning and removed a few time specific stories from the front page, as it was looking a bit out of date!

This means that the front page stories are now pretty old... but as there has been no new Burnout news, that is how it will stay for a little while I guess.

I am looking forward to bringing you screen shots of the new NFS game by Criterion Games when they come to light, presumably not until E3.. but that is soon!  

The only thing we have heard about CG's NFS game so far is that it is going to be action based... well duh! From CG's twitter feed screen shots have been taken and that all will be revealed soon in the City of Angels.. roll on E3!! having said that tho, most of their other Tweets are seemingly random nonsense... what on Earth does this mean "RLIATW......AMIP! - STILL!!!"

If Split/Second or blur turn out to be awesome, I'm sure we will bring more content on those titles too! Or if they turn out to be rubbish, expect a blog from me complaining about the lack of quality arcade racing games!

I will be doing something with Burnout 2 and 3 leaderboards when I get around to it too... but don't expect it this month as we are pretty busy with real life stuff.

Happy Gaming!


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I never really played NFS, I think the only one I played much of was Most Wanted on the 360... but apparently CG's last tweets "Red Lining It All The Way, And Making It Pay!" are to do with NFS... a subline to the 3DO version from 1994 maybe?

Sounds like CG's NFS is going back to the roots of the series, even possibly being called "Hot Pursuit"! All will be revealed at E3 I am sure, so then it wont be just web rumour mill and teasing tweets, but cold hard facts... and screenshots!!!

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Red Lining It All The Way And Making It Pay...Latest twit.

...a return to the original 3DO version of The Need for Speed - alex Ward Quote about the direction of the series?

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I had the PlayStation version of the original NFS back in the day, aswell as Road Rash... I don't know if they were as good as the 3DO versions but I enjoyed them alot. Although, Road Rash 3 on the old Mega Drive is my favourite.

When it comes to NFS... I've bought them all, apart from Shift and Pro Street... but the only ones I've ever really loved are Road Challenge on the original PlayStation (High Stakes to people from the US) and Hot Pursuit 2 on the PlayStation 2 (The Xbox version and every other version come to think of it was different aswell as rubbish, sadly). I died a little inside when they came out with that (chav) Underground garbage though, bad times.

After seeing what Criterion have done with their own series with Revenge and Paradise i'm finding it kinda difficult to get excited about their take on NFS. I'm kinda enjoying the NFS World beta though, decent mix between Most Wanted and Carbon... sprinkled with MMOness, it's pretty good.

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 If CG do make a success of going back to the root of NFS and bringing what made NFS great in the first place bang up to date. I sincerely hope they do the same thing for Burnout with their next project! 

As they (CG and Alex Ward specifically) always stated that Burnout Paradise was a progression, a departure and a different type of Burnout, I guess them saying that their NFS is going back to the roots of the series is something you should take seriously. 

I would allow yourself to get a little bit excited about CG's take on NFS, after all I don't think they could mess it up much more than it has been with other recent NFS releases! Hopefully the information about the game at E3 will put any worries we might have to rest once and for all!