The Best Baby in the Universe!

I really believe that our Baby Girl is the Best Baby in the Universe! (although now I am writing this, things will probably change!!)

I was reading some other parents routines online, and my gosh they have full days!! I feel so lucky to have a baby that goes to bed without a lot of fuss by about 8pm, gets up to be fed once in the night (sometimes twice), then gets up in the morning at about 8am, has 2 long naps in the day, one around 11am and one around 4pm, then just plays or sits with me or by herself for the rest of the time. She loves her baby bouncer. She also loves her bath time with her Daddy! She hardly ever screams or cries, and I love hearing her giggle!

I have started a new Norwegian language course now, two evenings a week. Tonight is my second class, and although I miss our Baby Girl, I am enjoying getting a bit of time away from home too. I haven't done my homework from last week yet... so as baby is napping I better get to it!

I'm loving being a Mum!!!


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"gets up in the morning at about 8am, has 2 long naps in the day, one around 11am and one around 4pm"

That nap schedule sounds suspiciously like Homer's, have you been exposing her to The Simpsons a lot?

So is the giggle genetic or is it down to nurture? Is it that famous Zombie giggle with a Norwegian twang? At least you know how to pronounce 'fjord' thanks to me ;)


Burnout 3 vids a plenty -

Burnout 3 vids a plenty -

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 ...I call my moblie roach, hehe!

If that counts, and if any rekcuf spams wow g on this site i will hunt you down, and i will not be alone to make sure your your bones are not only jellyfied, and your tiny flea sized brain, is mounted on your tiny pencil size kcoc! But that your name will be taken down incase you ressy!

Your baby girl is awesume Zombie and Xandu, hugs and kisses all round!

Yes, my new addiction is wow, yes i did spell it backwards, but hey what can you do? LOLZ!

Not that it is an addiction I still only game a few hours a dayx2(LOL), and with being poorly sick, yes it is great to get buff at the gym, but if you can't afford the food to keep it going, your immune system does take a beating! 

I have been watching my mate kick ass on instances and heroic dugeon's, theyz got one of these the other day (rare and a big show off point!), and it was awesume to watch, but i am at least a good month away from doing those levels maybe even more, but at Level 30 (probably in the next couple of dayz as I be a lvl 28) going to be having at go at the ones at that level! And it should be fun, as long as i don't fubar it lolz. Yes, Fighting in Wow for me does give me the buzz to gaming, sorry my eggbox but till Crackdown 2 is out and any other new arcade driving game comes out that I can afford, I'm going to be wowing, though will try and make BO3 night if i canz.

Also due to my TV being obsoleet (sp) {in less than 4 years!!! Yes rear DLP's need bulbs at £300 a go, and it looks like they don't make'm anymore, shock and horror?! ) I get a voucher to get a new one, and been looking at a tosh' 46 lcd or is it led? At the price range they quoted, but that will happen when I get up there.

Anyhew miss you all, well a little bit anyway, lolz. 

Cool vids umo! 

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Get an LED one if you can, they are super cool and less expensive to run then LCD screens so greener then green!  We were going to get a Samsung LED but are making do with Xandu's LCD until it dies as the LED's will be super cheap by then (they are already half the price they were when we first looked into buying one!)... hmmm come to think of it 3D screens will probably be out by then so maybe we will skip the LED generation????!!!!

Wow! I can't believe you are playing WOW! I hope you are enjoying it and not getting too hooked! If Xbox Live loses you to WOW altogether I will be very sad!

We definitely miss you, A LOT! But as we are going to see you in the flesh soon (but hopefully not seeing any fleshy bits) it's not so bad.