Dreaming again...

I was going to call this blog "CG's NFS: My trip to see it early!" but as it was only in a dream I thought that would be a bit misleading. Last night tho, while I was sleeping, I took a trip to CG's offices in Guildford and saw their progress on their NFS title for myself. At first I thought it was new DLC for Paradise... Toy Planes!! mini messerschmitt's flying around what looked like a new series of Islands for BP. Very cartoony graphics. Same with the cars, loaded with guns on board, in a top down cartoon style wacky racer for kids!  Then came the NFS title screen, in my dream it was called NFS: 6. I know there have been more NFS games then that, but the next Burnout would be Burnout 6! (not counting Dominator). I asked the dude who was playing (seemed like Tommy Noob to me) if I could have a go, and it was a lot of fun!! very cartoony, kiddy and crazy, but a lot of FUN!

Probably more like Joy Ride then what CG's NFS will actually be!

Clearly my subconscious is desperate for info on CG's NFS title!!! What is it going to be like???? I can't wait to find out!!!