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I entered a contest and at least got an honorable mention, but they didn't show the images that I provided. You can check some of them out on my previous blog.


Updated Samples


"Burnout Resurrection

Criterion's Burnout franchise has revolutionized the Arcade Racing Game Genre. Burnout's innovative crash and damaged systems have inspired others to create racing games similar to Burnout, but they have fallen short in overall impact. Till this day, Burnout's only real downfall is that their most recent game, Burnout Paradise, shocked and surprised many. It was so different that it attracted even more players with its new and massive free range racing world, and also scared away the arcade-only type racers that liked the old way of Burnout; racing in closed boundaries and traveling across the globe. Majoring in Game Art and Design, and being die hard player of Burnout, I feel very confident that I have a good grasp on what it takes to deliver.

Paradise has remained alive mostly because of massive online capability, updates and add-ons for players on the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. Still many are now bored with the game and are leaving the franchise and finding refuge in other new games that share some Burnout qualities. Though Paradise has many great events, I would add in many modes and events from Burnout 3: Takedown while taking world damage further. For example introducing the abilities to crash through large glass windows in buildings as an alternative shortcut. This collision function in their world will be very effective for Criterion's future with Burnout. Sometimes the best shortcut is through a building window when time is of the essence.

First off, bringing back the World Tour Mode, this includes events in cities all around the world from America, Europe and Asia for the players to participate. This would involve adding a new feel to the world, a short loading screen when going to other countries via cargo plane that will transport your car once you get to an airport. Certain districts will have an airport; Criterion has not done this yet. This may hide the loading screen from world to world effect by playing a short CG of flying above the clouds. Result, more online players and much needed additional server room for the three main countries and will provide more add-ons, events and challenges.

Secondly, bringing back the single player events lets the players choose their favorite event to just pick up and race on or offline, and should be unranked because it is only practice. Also giving back the after touch mode so you can take down players after a crash. Recordable replay modes would invite visual online records instead of just numbers.

As for a name, Burnout: Resurrection sounds appropriate for the revamped Franchise. A brand new game is needed, anymore add-ons may offer only short term revenue to criterion. What they should do is fully duplicate paradise with above suggestions, and creating other countries, thus making it clearly a new game. Players can keep their old Paradise city achievements and progress. Of course this is just the icing on how I believe that I can revamp my favorite game franchise, Burnout."


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I read a few of the other revamps too, I like that they talk about not putting things in the game just because you can, but having a good reason for it being there. The Tomb Raider revamp sounds cool, and like a Tomb Raider I would play. I loved the first Tomb Raider but as the series progressed it got more about shooting the bad guys and less about exploring. Taking games back to their roots but with a different twist is IMO the best way to reboot a series. The Sonic Reboot hits the nail on the head with what is wrong with 3D sonics too... they are too fast and you just feel out of control.

It's cool to see people really thinking about a series they love and putting some great ideas out there. I hope CG read your reboot idea for Burnout.  

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    I figured that Burnout was not going to win, because it still has new memebers every month, but it was worth a shot. yeah the Tomb Raider idea was brilliant.  We had to write our idea in 500 words or less, so this is still not all I have for Burnout. I still had ideas for new cars and new events for cars and bikes. Like I said before, if I ever had the chance to go over there to CG, I would lol.


Thanks again



"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA

"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA