Any ranked Racers?

Hi all,

It's getting a little boring waiting for the island but its almost here. After we calm down from the island, does anyone want to practice ranked and unranked races? If you want to know more info on me, go to the criteriongames site to check stats


My GT: blackwolf22303 (Xbox 360)

check stats:


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quite often but after comparing our stats I think it's me who needs the practise.

blackwolf22303   Linkster FTW
257 World Ranking 1190
187h 37m Time Spent Online 36h 3m
3054 Takedowns 640
2610 Times Taken Down 550
9383 Crashes 2378
74 Rivalries 104
265 Online Events Played 58
128 Online Events Won 12
271 Races Started 58
6 Races Not Finished 0
2% Percentage of Incomplete Races 0%
Offline Statistics
blackwolf22303   Linkster FTW
330h 38m Time Spent in Paradise City 117h 18m
7035.72 miles Distance driven in Paradise City 4569.33 miles
64/64 Speed Road Rules 64/64
64/64 Showtime Road Rules 64/64
80 Cars Owned 77
50/50 Super Jumps Jumped 50/50
400/400 Smash Gates Smashed 400/400
120/120 Billboards Broken 120/120
4730 Offline Takedowns 2083

Final Score
blackwolf22303   Linkster FTW
10   5

My rank suffered badly last night because I don't have the Hot Rod and I seemed to keep getting into 1vs1 on Stealing First.  I refuse to quit a match even when losing so my rank dropped.  Wouldn't be too bad if I could host but for some reason I can't create or join custom games, just quick play   I went from 500ish to what I am now in about 15 minutes



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  Yeah, man, never quit a race.  I think its worse if you quit. For me, it says I have some races unfinished, it's because my net goes down sometimes, and people win and im in last place to them lol. If you stay in the race, you may end up in 1st or second place. That usually happens to me because I don't drive super fast cars, I'm very steady and deadly with a p12 that ranked racers in the top 100's find it so funny that I can keep up with them. Besides, I only play ranked races bc I'm bored I don't belive too much in ranks in anything in life.

  I'm currently offline reparing my network because of this.  It's a bad feeling, an undescribeable feeling right before the race you see glitches and then right as the race starts it ends or the power turns off and then back on (fuse blew) in your old Good times in Paradise City.

"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA

"The sleep of reason produces monsters" -Goya LiveDNA