Bike Gameplay Revealed

On Friday the 22nd of August Criterion Games put up a story on their webpage detailing how Bikes will fit into Burnout Paradise.

Bikes in Burnout Paradise - The FireHawk

The Bike Pack will now be a FREE addition to the game, bringing 10 hours of additional gameplay in 70 freeburn challenges, half of which are timed challenges, 38 Burning Routes for Bikes or "Burnout Rides" and 64 new speed Bike Road Rules to beat.

You can read the whole story and look at the new Bike pics by clicking HERE

The Bike Pack is nearly complete and in the final stage of testing. The next big update will be for Trophies for PS3 which the team are working on now. 



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Someone's Gonna have to show me Paradise again - I want the Bikes!

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Please tell me your joking? i didnt think so....ichi dude where are your morales? personally i think id rather play PGR4 if i want to race on bikes....its a shame that there putting all this time and effort into this  game......especially when theyve only pulled of these stunts to get people into the game thing theyll be offering a free months subscription when you either download the bikes or re-purchase the certainly wont be tempting me....i just wish theyd save some of the energy them guys/girls at EA possess and give us at Revenge a few new tracks....surely if they can arrange all these FREE downloads for Paradise why not offer something to the other Burnout community.....we need something.....i dont think this game is going to last for much longer without it.....the only good thing that honestly did come out of Paradise was the fact that so many people rushed out and purchased it and after plaing it for an hour or so they decided it wasnt what they expected and decided to either return to Revenge or purchase Revenge.....doesnt that indeed tell them something?....

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I tried PGR 4 briefly and TBH the bikes were boring!

Bikes Burnout style will be a fun filled experience, and I think all the Paradise haters who are clinging on to Revenge should put their prejudice to one side and try Paradise again (or for the first time) with open hearts and minds. No, it's not a sequel to Revenge, but with the new additions it truly is a FUN game and one which deserves alot of praise for providing FREE downloads which add to and change the game in dramatic ways.

No Revenge wont be getting additional content, it is a VERY old game now, out originally on the black Xbox and PS2 which was a generation before DLC was widespread.

I still love Revenge, like I love all the Burnout games on my Xbox, but sadly all games have a shelf life and I do think Revenge is reaching the end of its playtime and is moving into gaming retirement. So maybe it is time we all embraced Paradise for what it is, not Revenge 2, but where Burnout is today.

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Play Soul Calibur 4 and ditch Paradise and Revenge at the same time.. LOL..



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ok i hear what your saying zombs and after racing this morning i realised that yeah revenge is nearing its retirement extremely quickly? breaks my heart to even think that im saying that..........i know its an old game and theyre NEVER going to bring out any new content in the near future....but still if they did my god the game would be alive instantly and everyone whos ever loved Revenge would agree with going to miss Revenge and all the friends ive made whilst playing Revenge.....but i do have to admit i do like the look of the bikes on Paradise and i think that what they have done for the game is awesome and if i was to be 100% honest here with everyone i know ive said in the past that i wont play Paradise for this reason or that reason i now know the REAL reason i wont play the game.......JEALOUSY.........Yep im jealous that they turned this game around for it to be what it is today? jealous of the time and effort that theyve put into this game? jealous that they didnt do it for Revenge? JEALOUS the right word?.....or is ANNOYED?....or is it both?........well im going to play Revenge till the day that it no longer is available online.....and ill live in hope and desparation that they finally release a Revenge 2......or Rofer finds himself a good game creator............but for all who love and enjoy Paradise fair play to you all i know what its like to fall in love with a game.....


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Your serious too arent you?.....i read your post over the wall and i have to say that that was some response.....i have to say nito that not only will you be sadly missed by myself but also alot of other people.....but wait this is nito were talking about here? your not leaving Revenge completely right?.....youll still be popping in and out for a few races now and then right?.....what about the tournaments? put so much hard work and effort into them and that hard work and effort really paid of because every tournament you created went superbly?....... so SC is the game of the moment eh?.....i havent played it YET.....ive been playing Dark Sector and GH3....but i might try it who knows.....


The only way to have a true friend...Is to be one....