The Year of Paradise

Cagney is the second free update for Burnout Paradise in the "Year of Paradise". The update is currently in submission for certification in Microsoft and it has already been approved by Sony Europe.

Cagney includes 3 new online game modes, 70 new timed challenges, improved ranked racing and lots of bug fixes and improvements.

Below we have compiled a list of videos describing the major changes in the Cagney update (right click to save).

Later this year Criterion will release two more updates for Burnout Paradise. Davis will probably be released in August/September and includes Motorbikes (paid content) and night/day cycle. The fourth and final update in the "Year of Paradise" is Eastwood which will be released towards the end of Q4 2008. Not much information has been revealed about this update except that it will include "The Island" and that it will be free.