Mixed Previews

There are a couple of new previews for Paradise from the EA  Studio Showcase, Gamespots is a glowing report siting the sense of speed and updates to the use of the camera in the game.IGN's is a little more subdued as they got lost in Paradise City and were having a little trouble getting used to the size of the car.

As always both are worth a read if you want to know what IGN and Gamespot think of it so far.


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Nice finds Zombietron!

A quote that really stood out to me from IGN's preview is "...Because of this, it looks like Burnout Paradise's online play will be less of a racing game and more of a driving game, which we really dig."

Perhaps much of the skepticism towards this game has resulted in looking at the game from a wrong view then, considering the radical direction change that Criterion is taking.

This is the truth that I am revealing before you! Behold; those who hear me now, have got ears to hear from!


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