I have now played both blur and Split/Second!

Only briefly but enough to have a couple of gripes to blog about!

Why does Split/Second not remember that I like to play using the bumper cam?? Having to press Y at the beginning of each event is a tiddly bit annoying!

Other than that tho, I am pretty much loving Split/Second so far, although I am not looking forward to hitting the wall I keep hearing about... which brings me onto my gripe about blur... I have hit the wall on the 2nd event and am considering changing my difficulty settings to EASY!!! Am I the only one finding blur difficult??? I aced the first event but since then have either only just scraped 3rd or have failed in the middle of the pack. I guess I just need more practice, and I might resist the urge to change the difficulty settings just yet.

I have changed the audio settings to turn the music on, although I am not sure I will keep it that way. It was a bit odd to have no music as the default option.

So far loving Split/Second more then blur. What are your first impressions?


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 Blur is garbage. No sense of speed.. no fun... randomly being hit by attacks... zzzzz.

Split/Second's fun for a little while, but I finished our copy of the game at work in 3 days. Saw every powerplay... done it all.. just 3 days. 

There's just no substance. A plain racing game just doesn't cut it anymore. There's gotta be freeroaming or at least SOMETHING MORE to do. Nothing else to do.. so... meh. Not worth full price. Maybe if it goes down to $20.

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is awesume, well made and a bench mark for arcade racers, it's not burnout 3, but those extra 6 months made it just brilliant! Shame no boost, lol.

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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I am Loving S/S its pretty cool i love it, its pretty intense online we should race sometime