Rewind v Rubberbanding

A lot of the new racing titles have a rewind feature, this helps when you make a mistake, you can just rewind the race and redo that little bit to get it right next time.

Closed track Burnout games have rubber banding, if you are behind in the race the cars ahead of you will slow down and give you a chance to catch up. This works in online races too, if someone is very far behind it is very difficult for the person in the lead to get and maintain boost. This is known as "the handicap".

I believe that one reason Burnout races are so much fun, is because of "the handicap". The rubber banding keeps the racing tight, this leads to close competitive races, almost photo finishes!

I don't really like the rewind feature in racing games, it feels like a cop out... just undo your mistakes! I prefer the feeling of fighting back from a mistake to win the race... even tho I know the front runners are going a little slower to make it easier for me!!


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is fine, i don't use it much but it's ok, shame it can't be use to save the whole race and transfered to watch by others, the 30 seconds of 'fame' on revenge was just too short.

Rubber banding should be an option for this generation of games/consoles, if you have great racers in the room, it could be turned off for a 'you just got pwn' without the aid of ai game influence, and on when you got new peeps to the room /lobby so at least they don't feel left out of the race, lol.

And since no-one has done it, the link to IGN's Gamer Memories about burnout 3 take down, the bench mark of the burnout series for a lot of gamers : A great but short article, but there are some more on this site, just look and you will find.


Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?