Was a Live Blog but the wireless let me down, so a Nearly live blog from the EA Con.

Suffur's first report from Games Convention Asia in Singapore, at the EA press conference.

EA Press Conference GCA 2008

Well waiting for the show to start, lot of press here, and this will be a LIVE Blog, so see if I can Type fast enough for this.

Aaron Younger (MC) Online marketing director for this region. Welcome, for the second GCA 2008.

John Newman, the EA Asia head honcho.

The booth push:

Mirrors Edge, Face Breaker, Need for Speed: Under Cover etc more on that later from me (Suf)

$50 billion dollar business I assume Singapore dollar.

War Hammer is out today, the rest of the World tomorrow.

12 games and countries

Sept 25 Rock Band (next week) is out in Singapore then the rest of Asia.

Back to Aaron.

Sergio Salvador (Manager EA Partners) being introduced.

10 to 12 offices across Asia.

Rock Band cinematic was supposed to be shown, but Failed!

Left for dead with Valve.

Video looks sweet, sweaty and messy, nice.

FIFA 2008 online 2 for Asia. The First one was released last year in Korea.

Cinematic of FIFA Online 2.

Danny Isaac for NBA Street Online, he I think is based in Korea.

These sport titles so far are for PC but taken from the Xbox 360.

Authentic Players etc, Single player and Multi player 1 on 1 or 3 on 3.

Create your Character via a skill tree menu. As well as stuff you earn for the game to help your characters ability.

Patch today for a Player shop and a card system for the game.

Cinematic from Korea, so it's in Korean But sounds cool and hard selling Korean Male voice.

Back to War Hammer and its release online, pushing of collector editions here in Asia, and the set up of 9 servers for the Asian Market in Melbourne Australia.

WH Cinematic, Voice over sounds like Dame Judy but not sure, but it looks sweet with battles and castles and flying machines, lots of destruction and magic and beasties eating the handlers, lol.

Shows people dying in order of characters, Orc, human, demon, elf etc, then the female elf got magiced by a pretty female dark magic user, nice video, then the bad ass turns up, cut to logo. Also shown at Leipzig.

Battle Field Hero's now, done by Dice, Comic Cartoon FP shooter, and is a free title.

Trailer BF: Hero's

Customisation of characters, so like TF2 it's scary but open battle fields, you can even have a peg leg and planes, tanks, jeeps, it looked good, 8 on 8, so 16 players online.

Out in Asia in 2009.

EA PC Booth at GCA 2008

EA Mobile games, with James Gray.

Covering all mobile gaming PSP, DS, Phones etc.

Spore will be coming to N-Gage Asia. FIFA, Tetris. I think link up with 9 players of this system.

iPhone, Spore, Tetris and others.

Monopoly, Sim City, NFS: Undercover, SIMS etc.

Video of Products on the iPhone, Spore, selling sound track and graphics, look sweet.

Introducing Hasbro Asia Pacific, Harland Chun, VP and GM, he was going to bring in a Nerf Gun, but got stopped by security, but 25 shots in 3 secs I want 1 now. You know the guy who makes the toys, like Star Wars.

Nerf, Transformers, Littlest Pet Shop and others.

Films GI Joe and Transformers 2 out next year, working with Universal and Lucas Films.

MR Monopoly is in the house, I’ll try and get a pic.

List of people that I will be interviewing.

John Doyle, talks about NFS: Undercover.

Was a spiritual successor for Most Wanted, cinematics shot in Hollywood, got Maggie Q, (Bad Girl in Die Hard 4.0) as the character to lead you through the story.

Video, nice live Cinematics, seems laggy or used as an effect, interesting.

Clive Gorman Global Product Manager, for FIFA 09, Xbox and Wii.

The best yet, physical play and responsiveness during play. New feature custom team tactics, 140 different options (sort of like Madden and team plays) and customisable controls, nice, was 5 vs. 5, now it, 10 vs. 10, so the goalie is AI? Compete on line against 15 divisions, branding with Addidas, and giving real feedback from the players in the World so if Rooney is doing good or bad it will reflect in the game.

Video of FIFA 09. Looks sweet.

FIFA All Play for the Wii, pick and playability.

Video of Wii All Play, look cool with Mii's Point and click with the Wii-mote, 8 v 8, seeing real players Mii's is funny.

FIFA is out next Month.

Sam Player for SimAnimals Executive Producer, Sim game with no people, just Animals, out in the wild, video now.

Looks good, sleeping Bears and you pick'em up, a Squirrel and his nuts, you can pick up the scenery to help, not sure if this is game play, or video, but 30 species of animals, that are wild, in a forest, the hand like a mouse but 3D, upset the animals and they bite back, but got the cute too. You feed them, sort of like Zoo Tycoon, but in the Wild.

EA sizzel, video of everything quick shot of a Car from Paradise Crashing, EA sports Nascar doing another left turn, lol, SIMS, Nerf looks good, Harry Potter, stuff I mentioned above, Left 4 Dead, finally Rock Band, Paradise again which was nice, Skate 2 then finish with Mirrors Edge.

And now that’s all, now awaiting my Interviews.


Was a good sell, and had fun but they did rush it, as they said too.




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Thats Games Convention Asia for the uninitiated.

Mirrors Edge looks like a pretty interesting title, NFS: Underground is another one to look forward to. I'm looking forward to reading those interviews.