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Revenge is FAST, and check out my Rank!!

Having not played Revenge for a while, I put it on last night and had a couple of races in an Italian room... it really feels FAST when you haven't played for a while... like stupid fast! But, I did pretty good, and wasn't crashing all over the place. My rank improved, and it was fun, which I guess is the main thing.  I was quite surprised at the lack of open rooms tho... I guess it has been a long while since I played regularly and a lot of people have moved on. There were still a few noobs playing tho, which is always a good thing!

Tweet My Gaming

I was looking around about blur and split/second, both are really exciting to me.. although neither is out til next year.. so I will be sticking with older Burnouts until my next battle racing explosive action driving game fix is released!

Stargate Universe

Let me preface this by saying that I loved Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis.. ok.. so this week we watched the first two episodes of Stargate Universe, I had been looking forward to this ever since I first heard about it, although I had forgotten all about it for a while until Xandu mentioned that it was starting now.

So, the opening credits were exciting, I hadn't read up about the show as I like to find out about stuff when I see it. I avoid movie trailers like the plague when there is a film I really want to see, it just spoils it when you know too much before hand.

Pregnancy Update

This might be too much information for some of you... but you don't have to read it!

So, I was due on Friday, but ofcourse as 75% of babies arrive after their due date I wasn't expecting much to happen.

I had a "show" on Saturday morning at 5.50 am, and woke Xandu up, all excited as I thought things were happening... hey it's my first baby what do I know???


and I don't mean the band, I mean the game!

OK, so I didn't know that much about this title, but Xandu and I took a look at some of the vids on the Xbox marketplace last night and it looks very promising!

4 Player split screen action! WOW that is pretty much unheard of in racing games nowadays, so this looks like it might be a great party title for those with real life friends!!

Burnout Revenge: Best Offline Crash Scores

As requested on our forums, here is a current list of the best offline crash scores for all the crash junctions in Burnout Revenge:

CG Twittering after a long silence...

Craig Sullivan posted a tweet today after no CG tweats since the 3rd of July it is nice to know they are still alive! Here is the tweet if you don't do twitter.

SargeSullivan "Is still alive and working on a top secret Mission."

Burnout Paradise for less than a Tenner!

The latest Play.com sale is offloading Burnout Paradise for £9.99!


If you are late to the Burnout Paradise bandwagon, now might be the cheapest time to jump on!


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