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The Return of the Sequel

Xandu mentioned in passing that he thought the next Burnout maybe called "Burnout: Payback" and it got me thinking. Will there be a Burnout after Paradise?  Then I read this msn article on sequels.  I know that Criterion don't do sequels.  They would rather bring out a reinvention of a title and give us a new gaming experience. With Paradise they seem to be pushing the Burnout envelope to bursting point.  I know we wont see Paradise for months yet so it's really premature to talk about but . . . .

BURNOUT on 360!

Burnout has been made backwards compatible on the 360!  Gives me another excuse to play it again!!!

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Burnout Evolution

There have been a lot of changes in Burnout over the years, looking back at the original game where you have to earn boost, there is the constant risk of not making a checkpoint in time and the big arrows are green. 

Will Paradise be Perfect?

The teaser trailer released this week on the Xbox Live Marketplace looks stunning. Especially the speed in the last few seconds. But it doesn't give much away. What will Burnout Paradise be like? How will the Open World work on-line? Will there be Traffic Checking? I have so many questions. So I took a look back at a few Alex Ward interviews to see if I could get some answers. The Alex Ward quotes (in bold) come from his interviews with Newsweek, Eurogamer & CVG, I have used some artistic license.

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Message from Alex Ward

Hey, Xandu has been working really hard to get BurnoutAholics.com filled with Burnout information, and I really like how the site has turned out. There is still a long way to go and we have a lot of other ideas and articles in the pipe line. Today, we got an email from Alex Ward saying that he likes the site! Thanks for the feedback Alex :-)


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