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Embarrassing mention on Crash FM Podcast 3

Umo sent me a message saying congrats on being mentioned in the Crash FM Podcast on Criterion Games website, but that they thought I was a guy. So I got all excited and downloaded Episode 3 of the Podcast to have a listen.

Around minute 27 I get my mention, but embarrassingly its to say about my previous blog about the Podcast saying that even I didn't listen to it and I run a fansite about Burnout!! how embarrassing

Burnout Music Rocks Reading!

Just watching We Are Scientists playing the hell out of The Great Escape on BBC3's Reading fest coverage. I had no idea this song was so HUGE the whole crowd seem to be singing along... do they all play Burnout????

I'm starting to think that I really should go out more often... it's kinda sad that my main access to new music is through Burnout's EA Trax!


Crash FM

For those who don't already know Criterion have started doing podcasts on their website - Go to our Links page to get there.

They have put up 2 Episodes so far, the first one talks about E3 2007 and the second one talks about what next gen means to the developers and lots of technospeak which meant I didn't listen to it all!

They are both quite long, but worth a listen on a rainy August afternoon.


Explicit GamerTags

I played a bit of Revenge last night and as none of my friends list were on Revenge I was joining random rooms.I was kinda annoyed by the amount of people with sexually explicit gamertags, so much so that I wanted to file complaints and force people to change their tags to something more appropriate. But its kinda hard to do that on Revenge now, I tried just jumping into a room and jumping out again hoping to see the members of the room on my recent player list. But no, you have to have completed a race with people before they appear on your list.

Back with a Vengeance

After a couple of months of Xandu living here and putting Forza 2 in my 360 far too much I will be back on Burnout Revenge with a Vengeance!

Xandu is flying back to Norway today so for a few weeks you will find us both playing Revenge again.

Hopefully I will get organised enough to set up both my 360's so the next time we are sharing a house for a while we will both be able to get online at the same time. Especially if Paradise is going to be out, I don't think I will be able to share my 360 anymore then!


Weekend Wishes

Warning -This is a Personal Blog and has nothing to do with Burnout!

We are going to a  Wedding  this weekend and I am excited!! We are going to be staying at a hotel as its the other side of the country and as its quite close to where my Mum lives we may take a drive down there too to say Hi! I hope the sun shines!

EA Closes Burnout Revenge Servers for PS2 and Xbox

EA announced on the 1st August 2007 that the servers for Burnout Revenge on the PS2 and Xbox will be shut down on the 1st of November 2007.

This announcement was publicised on a few forums but nobody seems very concerned, so I suppose EA have made the right decision. 

I was not surprised by the announcement as the Xbox version of Revenge was like a ghost town online pretty much as soon as the 360 version was released.

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Post-E3 2007

Burnout Paradise has won a plethora of Best Racing Game at E3 2007 awards, a list of them all can be found  here on Criterions new Paradise page. They also have links to all the videos and interviews from E3.

The E3 showing of Paradise was a resounding success, now its just a matter of time to see if the finished product will live up to the hype.  How many Best Racing Game of 2008 awards will Burnout Paradise win? 


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