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FPS = First Person Sickness

I tried out Halo 3 last night but unfortunatly as I suffer from FPS after about half an hour of playing I began feeling nauseus and dizzy and was not able to play much longer.

I have suffered from FPS ever since DOOM was released and it has hampered my gaming career. I have not been able to play fast paced first person shooters for extended periods of time. Some have far worse symptoms then others and my symptoms from Halo 3 have been the worst I have experienced for some time.

Mixed Previews

There are a couple of new previews for Paradise from the EA  Studio Showcase, Gamespots is a glowing report siting the sense of speed and updates to the use of the camera in the game.IGN's is a little more subdued as they got lost in Paradise City and were having a little trouble getting used to the size of the car.

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Tribute to Colin McRae

Colin McRae is feared dead as his helicopter has crashed near his home in Lanarkshire. There were 4 people on the helicopter and the crash left no survivors.

Colin McRae was a great rally driver, the first British driver to win the WRC drivers title in 1995.

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Co-op Missions in Paradise!

New Paradise info available on 1up.com. Alex Ward talks about how Paradise online is revolutionary with no lobbies, no waiting, a seamless experience and focus on co-operative and social gameplay with lots of simple and fun challenges that groups of players can do together.

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Keep Out!

As hardly anyone on my friends list plays Burnout anymore, seriously! Last night I had 23 friends online and the only one playing Revenge was Xandu!!  I have spent some time this week watching gamer tv to have a look at some other games that I might be missing out on.

I have watched a bit of xleague.tv which is just a little wierd, all e-sports leagues and seeing footage of people playing GOW and Motorstorm with dodgy commentary. But they do have some kinda cool discussion and magazine shows too.

New Members Only Contest

Just to let you all know there is a new members only contest, sign in and it is currently the top story on the home page. If you are not a member yet, register and activate your account to see our member only content.

The first rule of this contest is not to talk about the contest anywhere except for in the contest comments. I think you can guess what the second rule is.

OK, I'm off to do some racing and watch the BB8 final.




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