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Burnout 3 Saga Part 7: Confused? you will be...

I had a great few races and road rages on Burnout 3 last night as the servers were back online after the EA Tuesday reset maintenance thing they do.

I have given up trying to get a straight answer out of EA about what is going on with the servers. To be honest I don't think they know anyway!

As long as the servers are still available I am a Happy Burner!

But, as they have been up and down like a yo-yo for the last couple of weeks I am not convinced they will be staying up.

Paradise Demo Tonight!!!!

From Midnight tonight (gmt) the Paradise demo will be available for download for the PS3 and Xbox 360! if not it will definatly be available tomorrow!

The online demo will be for up to 4 players online, and will include 3 events one of which is a Stunt Run so everyone can experience this new game mode.

I can't wait to play Paradise again! I hope the demo is balanced well to give a good idea of the game to Burners. It is a whole new experience, but it still feels like Burnout to me!

Burnout 3 Lives!

but the pulse is feint...

The servers do seem to be back today. Tuesday 11th December 2007.

I will try to get a few games in tonight!!


When U know Yer Old!

We went to the Vue on Saturday, it's the big 10 multi-screen complex and it was packed!

We went to see Beowulf, which has a 12 rating in the UK - Not suitable for those under 12.

The first 5 minutes were so gory and violent, with people being ripped from limb to limb and the ugliest monster/demon with hardly any skin covering his guts and bones. There was sooo much blood that I turned to Xandu and said "I can't believe this is only a 12!"

Burnout Guitar Heroes

Criterion have laid down the gauntlet for Burnout Guitar Heroes. The challenge if you choose to accept it, is to video yourself playing the Burnout music in a style of your own choosing. Upload it to You Tube and send the link to mailbag@criteriongames.com with "I Rock" in the subject line.

Get the Guitar Tabs Here!

Send me a PM with your YouTube link and we will immortalise your talent on the pages of BurnoutAholics!


Paradise Achievements Announced

Thanks to hn6 for posting this in our forums, it was picked up by our spam filter and should be posted soon!

Burnout Paradise Achievement List

What do you think of the Achievements?

Xbox Live is 5ive!

Happy Birthday Xbox Live!

Xbox is celebrating in a BIG way! it is especially good news if you have been a part of it since the beginning as they are giving 500 MS points to everbody who joined in 2002.

Carcassone is also going to be FREE to download for 48 hours from the 15th November 2007.

And you will be able to purchase Burnout 3 for download for 1200 MS points!

For more details go to: Xbox Live is 5ive!

This is Paradise!

Tune into Crash FM and let DJ Atomika take you on a tour of Paradise City. The video isn't the best quality but it does give a good idea of what Paradise feels like.

Gamespot "Welcome to Paradise" Video



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