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We Have Paradise!!

We got a copy of Burnout Paradise today, and Xandu has been playing non-stop since he stopped working at 3pm this afternoon.

Unfortunately, I still had to work til 5pm and I could hear the game from where I was working!

The most frustrating 2 hours EVER!!!

The game sounds awesome! and the soundtrack really works, Janes Addiction and Adam Ant great combination! (I'm still gonna turn off Avril)

OK, I'm gonna kick Xandu off now and have my turn!!

This could cause a few domestics until we get a 2nd copy!

Cutting my Friends list down to size

My friends list has crept up to 100 again, mainly due to adding members of BurnoutAholics.com.

However, as the Paradise release is looming and I want to have space to add new Burners that I may meet I have decided to make some cuts.

A few are gamers that I added but have not played with since adding them.

A few are gamers with multiple tags, I am gonna delete the silver accounts.

A few are gamers I haven't played with in forever.

I managed to edit 7 gamertags from my list, but it might not be enough and I may have to cull a few more in a few weeks.

What to play?

I haven't played Burnout Revenge much since before I went away for christmas. Playing the Paradise demo has made me just want to play Paradise, but I feel done with the demo, it's too frustrating running into closed roads that really should be open by now! It is January 2008! What is the Paradise City Highways department doing???

So, instead I have been playing Burnout 3 and Rainbow Six Vegas, and even a little Halo 3.

My 360 Can Blog!

We have added some 360 Community sites to our links page, one of my favourite 360 Community sites is 360Voice.com, you can link your GamerTag and your 360 will blog all of your gaming activity like this:


Burnout Dreams and Beating Black!

I have Burnout Dreams. And now I know I am not the only one, I just read this preview of Paradise and I quote: "when it comes to racing franchises, there's only one that's ever seeped into our dreams, and that's Burnout."

I remember many dreams of flying over the Burnout 3 tracks, and after playing Paradise at Criterion Games in Guildford I also had dreams of jumping over the various ramps and jumps in Paradise City.

Zombie's Norwegian Adventure!

I am in Norway, and today it is cold! We drove up to the local ski resort to see the snow and it was -10 degrees!! The coldest it has been so far.

Skiing in Eikedalen

Mountains reflected in the frozen sea

My name is Crashin Crushinator and I am a BurnoutAholic.

Just tried my full real name in the All New Gamertag generator and this is what it came up with! Pretty cool I thought!

I wrote an Achievements guide for Paradise which can be found in our FAQ's, and I played a bit more of the Paradise demo today, but probably wont be playing it much more now as I am going away for Christmas and New Year. It's only a month (just over) to wait for the full game!

My First Paradise Demo Review!

WOO! it downloaded in time for my lunch break!!

I just spent the last 45 minutes freeburning with Suffur. The demo does feel a little small on first play, I was crashing into a lot of road blocks!

I like how it says that the road will re-open in January 2008.

There also doesn't seem to be any Showtime mode in the demo?


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