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Inside Xbox

The Stunt Run guide to getting into the millionaires club is still up on the inside Xbox feature on your 360. If you have a 360 and still don't have a million on Stunt Run or are struggling with Stunt Run altogether it is well worth checking out.

I always thought the inside Xbox thing was a bit of dodgy advertising, but it actually has some content worth looking at! WOW!

Too PC or just too much Xbox?

Last night I was accused of not being able to take Trash Talking by an American lad who joined our Paradise race room.

I don't think that I can't take it... I just prefer trash talkers to have a bit of imagination!

There are 3 words that are taboo for me, and they are words that I have come accross more frequently recently when playing online and in forums. I do file complaints when gamers are offensive, so maybe I am too PC? 

The Burnout Community in Paradise City - An Essay by ZombieTron

Can the Burnout community live in Paradise City?

I want to make it very clear that I think Burnout Paradise is a fantastic video game. The graphics are astounding, it is a beautifully realised open world. The sound as always is pure VROOM! The freedom given to play how you want, when you want, with non-linear progression makes the offline game a varied challenging experience of immense exploration.

But... I do have doubts that Paradise City has a home for the Burnout Community.

My doubts come with the online game.

Paradise Adverts Everywhere!

Is it my imagination or is Burnout Paradise the most advertised video game in history?

I have been watching a bit of Paramount Comedy Channel and the TV spot has been shown in nearly every ad break.

Paradise is the EA title currently being used to bring us Sci Fi on Sky.

Random Friends Request

Since Paradise was released I have received loads of random friends requests with no message, from people I have not played before.

These get instantly deleted and just annoy me!

If you are gonna send a friends request to someone you don't know, at least send a message with it to introduce yourself.

If you want friends who play Paradise you have more chance by jumping into games and talking to people, get to know them a bit and then send a FR, then just sending FR's randomly to people who are active on the forums.

I Beat the Test!

I got 100% on the multiple choice part of my driving theory test and a stonking high score on the hazard perception part too!

So, now I can concentrate on actually driving! Watch Out!!

Thanks for the Good Luck messages!

Learning to Drive Update - The Theory Test

As some of you may know I am learning to drive. I am taking lessons every Saturday and going for practice drives when I can.

Tomorrow after work I am booked in for my theory test, and I don't feel prepared!

So, tonight instead of playing Paradise I will be cramming for the test!

Wish me luck!!

Shout out to all the BurnoutAholics out there, you know who you are!

Thanks DJ Atomika!

I'm having a blast in Paradise. Mostly Freeburning and picking up billboards, super jumps and smashes along the way.

I've been doing the Burning Routes as I've unlocked the cars for them, and had to drive back to start a few times but it helps me to learn the city.

I have done some online races and am seriously considering changing my name to DNF.


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