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Arson Again! This time it's the Rollercoaster!

I was pretty bummed about the Arcade going up in smoke last week, but now I'm really angry!

Last night the oldest wooden roller coaster in Britain was subjected to an arson attack. 40% of the ride has been destroyed.

BBC news on Scenic Railway fire

BurnoutAholics Mega Stats!

In the last couple of days we have reached a couple of milestones.

100,000 unique hits and 500 active members!


Thanks to everybody who has signed up and an extra special thanks to everybody who has contributed to the site.

BurnoutAholics is almost a year old and has gone way above and beyond any expectations we had.

Thanks again! and remember this is your site too, so keep contributing and let us know if we can make any improvements.

Girls Night on Revenge!

I have been playing Burnout online for ... well forever really, but have never been in a room with all girls!

But, that could be about to change... PsychedelicBabe is planning on hosting a girls night on Revenge!

Anyone interested in joining us for a fun night of girly races should sign up at the Xbox.com forums HERE

Arcade Fire

I live in the arson capital of the UK, possibly the world! At least it feels that way. There are definitely a disproprotionate number of deliberate fires for such a small town!

Last Friday the latest arson to hit Margate was in the Tivoli Arcade on the sea front. There are (or were) 3 large arcades on the Margate sea front, although they are mostly slot machines now there are still a few video games to be played.

BBC News report on the fire

Burnout Revenge Pro/Am Tourney

If you are new to Revenge and looking for a friendly competition with some of Burnout Revenge's best online players why not sign up for Eezo's Pro/Am Burnout Revenge Challenge! Or maybe you are good enough to join as a Pro?

I took part in the last event and you can read about it in my previous blog.

Revenge, served cold!

It's been a while since my Burnout Revenge disc whirred in my 360, but thanks to Eezo setting up a mini tourney over at the xbox forums, Revenge whirred once more!

It was a lot of fun racing on Revenge again. I was paired up with Ichienkai, and we did battle with One Incognito and Bizzo. It was a really close battle too! tied up for the first few races, and if Ichi hadn't of taken me out at every opportunity we might even have gained the lead!

Play.Com Live!

Sunday morning 7am - Way too early to be up right??? well, we were on our way to Wembley to go to the Play.com Live show, and we live far away!!

Suffur, Xandu and I got to Wembley at about 11am and had a good look around the main floor and mezzanine levels. It was a smaller show than I thought it would be, with only a few pods for each game.

Play.com Live! Preview!

On Sunday the 16th of March three intrepid BurnoutAholics will be venturing to Wembley Stadium in London to experience Play.com Live!

The games I am most looking forward to seeing and trying out are:


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