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Crash TV at 4pm UK time Today!

The Crash TV podcast will be at 4pm today, that's about half an hours time. So, if you can't wait to hear that BIG announcement get over to www.criteriongames.com and check it out!

The announcement is that Burnout will be heading to PC! see our front page story on this. More details will be announced in the 4pm TV Podcast.

We Need a New Poll!

But I am all out of ideas!

Please post your Poll ideas either in comments here or over at the forums in our Poll Suggestion Thread.

in other news...

I don't like surprises

Criterion Games announced last week that there was going to be another big announcement on the Podcast on Friday, this filled me with dread cos I don't like surprises... the last announcement they made was for a car with no boost which has a really fast top speed.. surely this big heavy car can't be faster then an aerodynamic PCPD with boost???  The big announcement tho was for Motorbikes and night time which I am looking forward to trying out.

Criterion Games - The Official Forums

I have spent a lot of time on the Criterion Games official forums lately, so much so that I am an Elite poster and have a nice bold name compared to other mere posters.

However, I noticed today a  shift in the way the forums are moderated and at least one thread that I had posted in has been deleted.

The only reason I can see for this deletion is that it was against adding planes to Burnout.

Taking Burnout out of Paradise

After the announcements yesterday I steered clear of the Criterion Games forums, and did not play online or write anything more as I had not heard the podcast for myself until this morning and I was frankly, far too upset last night.

The first announcement was the one which blew me away more then the BIG one.

Criterion are bringing a car with no boost to Paradise City.

Why? ....   Why?? ....... Alex mentioned something about skill??????

Big Announcements in Podcast 29

For those of you who took a day trip to the moon, Criterion Games have been showing a Live Video Podcast today with some HUGE announcements.

I am at work so have not been watching but the main points so far are:


Night time

a car with no boost bar


get over to criteriongames.com to see for yourselves! Cos I can't believe it!!!

nb: some or none of this will actually be added to Paradise



I'm listening to the Crash FM podcast 26 and have a bit to say, not a story cos its nothing new really, just stuff I want to comment on.

Burnout Team are talking about GCC, Game Changing Content as opposed to DLC, Downloadable Content. They hinted that they will not be charging for car liveries or new cars? so what will they be charging us for??? so far all the GCC that has been announced seems to be FREE!


Ikaruga is being released today on Xbox Live Arcade!  Although it is going to cost 800 M$ points so I might not actually buy it, I will DL the trial version l8r.

It's a really cool shoot'em up which I used to play on the Dreamcast.

Ikaruga on XBLA


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