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One Week til Big Surf hits our consoles

If you weren't excited before, you must be a little bit excited now!

Although CG haven't hyped a new Crash TV for today like they did last week, we are expecting part 2 of the Island Crash TV specials to hit later today.

CG's last news story was about the Island Tours, these sound like new Island specific events, kinda like the races that were added with the Bike Pack. Lots of Checkpoints to give you a good tour of the new gaming arena, to force you to go where no Burner has gone before!

The Future of Burnout - Project Natal

We have all seen the little bits from CG about Burnout in 3D which will be possible if you have the right PC hardware, and now Burnout is also possible without a controller through Project Natal on the Xbox 360.

Project Natal is a unique system which captures your body movements and voice commands through a video camera so you do not need anything other than yourself to control video games.

Burnout was one of the games used when demo-ing the system to a Time Magazine reporter, thanks to Suffur for the link to this (which can also be found on Suf's E3 forum post).

Burnouts Biggest Fan

Not that I'm bitter, or probably because I am bitter..  I am blogging as I am cross that CG has called out DBC9MX as Burnouts biggest fan. Admittedly they have only done this to further promote the Island on their news pages, but I am sure it is not true!

I obviously don't know DB personally as he is on PS3, but I am not even sure that he has played any of the other Burnout games.

Island and Dust Storm stuff in Crash TV tomorrow

CG have posted a number of news stories hyping the new Crash TV episode which will be available tomorrow (Thurs 28th May) over at CriterionGames.com.

It will feature new footage of the Dust Storm, the Island and will show us Island gameplay.

Burnout Baby

For those of you who don't already know, Xandu and I are expecting a baby in September!

I know we aren't the first Burnout couple, and I'm sure there is probably already a Burnout baby out there somewhere.. but this will be our first Burnout baby!

Do you know any other couple's that met on Burnout? Do you know about any other Burnout babies??

BurnoutAholics HQ now based in Bergen!

You may have noticed that I have been a lot less active on the site lately, and have been missing from Xbox Live altogether. This is due to the fact that Xandu and I have moved from our old HQ in Margate, UK to our shiny new HQ in Bergen, Norway!

The move went well, we arrived late on Tuesday night  and have been busy shopping in Ikea and unpacking for the last couple of days.

Can't Connect, Servers not available!

There I was playing Cops and Robbers with some friends, Xandu wanted to join but couldn't connect to the servers, we tried a reset, now neither of us can connect. Seems to be a widespread problem looking at the various BP forums.

So, although we have now both purchased the Cops and Robbers pack for a total 1600 MS points, neither of us can play.

Crash TV 32: Cops and Robbers Hints and Tips

OK so you got the Cops and Robbers update today, but you don't know what to do with it? Maybe Crash TV 32 will help.

Check it out HERE 


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