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BurnoutAholics HQ update

We finally got a room in the house all set up as our BurnoutAholics HQ! The HUGE and wonderful Burnout Revenge framed posters are now hanging up on the wall for the first time since Alex Ward took them down from the CG offices wall to give them to us. Thank you Alex! They look amazing in our new home!!  

Our home office is now a shrine to Burnout, just as it should be!! Although we still have more Burnout posters that we can put up... we might run out of wall space!

Paradise 2?

After playing the Island for a bit longer yesterday, it feels more than just an added area of Burnout Paradise, it feels more like Paradise 1.5.

So, what direction will CG take with Paradise 2? (if there is going to be a Paradise 2) What would you like to see? What bits of Burnout Paradise should they keep? What should they expand on? What should they scrap??

Tech Retrospective: Burnout Paradise

There is an interesting Tech article on Eurogamer, an interview with Richard Parr and Alex Fry from CG.

Tech Retrospective: Burnout Paradise

Worth a read if technical talk doesn't make you fall asleep, or you could read it just before bed!  

Island first impressions

I literally only have a first impression, as I have felt off colour all day so wasn't up for playing for long, however for what it's worth here are my first impressions.

The Dust Storm is a pretty cool car and the Island seems really big, even tho on the map it doesn't look all that.

I personally have no objections to the cars that are included with the Island, although I know a few burners are less then happy about them not being 100% original. I haven't unlocked any yet... really need to play more, hope I feel up for it tomorrow!

Wanna get the Bike Challenges done?

Get on Xbox Live and Join Xandu.. like NOW! :)

As there is a secret incentive possibly of completing all 500 challenges, it might be worth getting them done before the Island hits tomorrow.

Big Surf Island for 1000 MS Points

I really hope that an early leaked page of the CGN is correct and that the island will be only 1000 MS Points. I will be a very happy BurnoutAholic if this is the case!

If you read any of this site you will know that I wasn't happy about the price of the previous DLC for Paradise, I think most of it is very overpriced for what you get, so much so that I didn't buy most of it!

Do you have any impediments?

moving to Norway from the UK was pretty easy, even tho I haven't got my removals yet... I am really hoping everything will be delivered this week as I am missing my stuff, and am especially looking forward to getting the paintings that I packed and putting them up on our bare walls.

FUEL: The reviews are in...

TotalVideoGames.com has posted a FUEL review, giving the game a measley 5/10! You can read the full review HERE.


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