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Jeg kan snakke Norsk!

or... I can speak Norwegian!

At least a little bit anyway... I just completed my first Norwegian language course. It was a 6 week course, for 2 evenings a week, 48 hours of tuition, so I should have learnt something! However, it is nowhere near enough for me to feel any confidence in holding a full and normal conversation.

Upcoming Racing Games... will any of them be good??

There is a plethora of upcoming racing games, but with the dissapointment of FUEL amongst others which just haven't fuelled the excitement of the racing community... will any of them be any good? Will there be a racing game which my friends list all get and actually play for more than a week?

Which title do you think will last? Which has got you most excited to play? What titles are you gonna pass over? Which ones are must buys?

1 vs 100 denied!

After really enjoying 1 vs 100 last week MS have moved the goal posts and are now preventing players who are not located in the UK from being able to play, even tho we have UK accounts and an address in the UK where any prizes we are unlikely to win could be sent to.

This is proper annoying!  and means I will have to find another game to play.... again!

The Ultimate Store Loyalty Reward!

HMV is offering customers the chance to spend the day at EA studios in Guildford visiting Criterion Games!

All you have to do is rack up 400000 points with HMV, which is equivalent of spending £4000! You also have to pay £3.00 to join the reward program so that you can start earning a point for every penny you spend at HMV.

For more details about this exclusive reward click HERE

Want to get the Xbox update early?

Major Nelson has released details of how you can get into the preview program for the Xbox 360 system update.

for all the details head over to MajorNelson.com

If you are accepted for the preview program there is no going back, and priority will be given to Gold members. They are looking for thousands of candidates, so if you want to see the updates early sign up now!

1 vs 100

I haven't stopped gaming completely, in fact since the 1 vs 100 beta came out I have been gaming almost everyday! Prize shows have now been announced for this weekend!

Good Luck to all BurnoutAholics who take part!  

Longevity in Video Games

As less and less people seem to be playing Paradise, I have started thinking about longevity in video games and what games have kept me coming back for more long after they were released. What is a good shelf life for a game?

Burnout is definitely without a shadow of a doubt the longest played game for me, but which one? and why?

The first 2 I will discount straight away, although I love both Burnout 1 and 2: Point of Impact, neither had online play so there is no way I put in the same hours as I did with the later games in the series.

My recovery story...

My name is ZombieTron and I'm a BurnoutAholic. It has been only a few hours since my last online Burnout session, but I am definitely in recovery. I can honestly say I can put down the controller at any time. I swear I am not in denial about this, and my fellow BurnoutAholic friends can back me up on this one!


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