Burnout Revenge

Do you need all the signature takedowns to get the Elite Achievement?

No. To get this achievement you must perfect all events in the World Tour. This does not include signature takedowns and the challenge sheets.

Can two players play online at the same time from the same XBox 360?

No. You cannot bring "guests" online in Burnout Revenge.

Why can't my friends view my Burnout Clips?

For your friends to be able to view your clips they need to have Burnout Revenge for the XBox 360.

How can I unlock the Madden Challenge Bus in Burnout Revenge?

To get this Crash Mode vehicle, just go to Extra Content in the Main Menu, and select the Madden 06 Trailer. As soon as you start the movie, the Madden Challenge Bus will be unlocked.

Why can't I invite friends to my online game in Burnout Revenge?

You cannot invite friends to ranked matches. Make sure that you make the game unranked when you create it. If you want your friend to join you for a ranked race you can send him a message and tell him the name of the lobby you're in.

What vehicles can be downloaded for Burnout Revenge from the marketplace?

The following cars can be downloaded for free. Please note that they are not available in all regions.

  • XBox 360 Live Car
  • Alienware Car
  • Dolby Car
  • Monster Car
  • Plantronics Car
  • Spike TV Car
  • Yellowcard Car



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