Burnout Revenge

Can I transfer a save game for Burnout Revenge for XBOX to the 360 version?

No. Burnout Revenge for the original XBOX and Burnout Revenge for the XBOX are not compatible.

How can I get the "Celebrity Status" achievement?

This achievement can seem really hard to get. The clips are reset on midnight GMT of 25th of every month. If you want to get the achievement you should try and do it around this time. Here is what you need to do:

1. First check how many downloads you need to get into the top 20. If it is just after midnight (GMT) on the 25th it should be less than 50.

2. Create a short clip so that it is quick to download. Share it.

3. You need a second gamertag. Create a new silver account or just create a free trial Gold membership.

What are the tracks in Burnout Revenge?

There are 8 different locations:

  • USA - Sunshine Keys
  • USA - Motor City
  • USA - Lone Peak
  • USA - Angel Valley
  • Europe - White Mountain
  • Europe - Eternal City
  • Far East - Eastern Bay
  • Far East - Central Route

All the tracks have a forward and reverse version. There are 6 variations of the Eastern Bay track:

What are the achievements in Burnout Revenge?

There is a totalt of 36 achievements (23 single player and 13 online achievements ) in Burnout Revenge. You can get online achievements in both ranked and player matches.

What is the RR cheat?

In Burnout Revenge for the XBOX 360 you can set up ranked Road Rage events that counts towards your rank. Some players exploit the fact that Criterion forgot to change it so that both teams have to have the same class of cars in ranked events. Basically the host sets up the game so that his team is racing in far superior cars to the other team.

When are the top 20 clips reset?

The 25th of every month, at midnight GMT. In the summer (summertime) his is the 26th of every month at 1AM GMT.

Can you play Burnout Revenge with the wireless racing wheel for the 360?

Yes, but Burnout Revenge does not support Force Feedback.

Can I get the Gruge 'o War achievement in split-screen?

No. This must be done online in a ranked or unranked race or road rage.

How to get the most wanted achievement?

This achievement description: "King of the Road! Awarded for getting ahead of all 5 rivals in an online lobby!"

To get the achievement you need to be in a full lobby (6 players). I does not matter if the race is ranked or unranked. You must have at least one takedown on all the 5 players in the lobby (green triangle). If you get this during a race you will only get the achievement when you return to the lobby after all the races have completed. If someone quits out on the way back to the lobby you will not get the achievement.


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