What New Vehicle do you want to see in Burnout Paradise?

24% (104 votes)
9% (41 votes)
Speed Boats
4% (17 votes)
I want it all!
45% (197 votes)
I just want Cars
18% (80 votes)
Total votes: 439


Dman82's picture

Motor bikes are cool an all, but I just want cars in here (seriously, motorbikes don't stand a chance in road rage).

I just wish they can put people in the drivers seat.

Wei's picture

Agreed.  I would rather them not have added motorcycles. 

But who knows?  Maybe they will be great. /hopeful thinking

Mad Wookiee11's picture

As for Bikes, it would be an interesting thing to try.  I liked them in PGR4 and they could be great for Vertical Takedowns.

My Toaster only works in reverse!

Latinam est, fatue!

Drainnak's picture

I like the idea of motorbikes, but I think Planes and Boats are a bad idea. I mean the whole idea of Burnout is to do a Burnout. Have you ever tried to do a burnout in a plane or boat. It just don't happen.

ThE_Stig's picture

I like the idea of more different vehicles but i dont think it would be possible, paradise is full of roads. and how would you change from car to plane or to boat, you cant drive a boat on land


why do they have to put the letter 'S' in the word lisp