Island Paradise for FREE!

The series of Islands which will be released as DLC, each with different type of gameplay, will be FREE to download.

Alex Ward has confirmed on the Criterion Games forum that there will be no charge for downloading the Islands.

This is great news for Burnout fans.

Criterion Games have previously stated that there will be both free and paid DLC. So what will we have to pay for?

New Game modes?

New Cars?

More Online Challenges?

A Speedometer???

As Criterion's plans for DLC are so ambitious the options seem endless!



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I was actually surprised by this.  Islands are the only DLC I would pay for - that and maybe new game modes.  I certainly don't have interest in buying new cars or skins (liveries), at least not unless they were extremely impressive and awfully cheap (25¢?).


Burnout Paradise Map:

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Some DLC that isn't just designed to rip us off!  This is way better than how Forza ripps you off for new cars and junk.

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excellent news,lets have it.would have paid for something like that as paradise is so addictive u just want more.

can't wait.....

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Great news.  Good to know there are some developers who don't want to nickel and dime us.