Modding, and .....

700,000 people were kicked of live for modded boxes, last week and the number is climbing, that means 700,000 new 360s will be sold, more M$ dollars, but the modders have got round it, so i hear and thats sad, but they just never die they just mod themselves into rocks, Weather out the storm and get a new mod.
I don't mind the copy game modders as long as they buy the game after a try, i don't like cheat modders as that ruins games, and i wish some games could be modded like pc games do, just to get more game life out of them, though to do that to console games is hard even with a Gameshark and action replay. To stop copying of disks, there should be more demos, that give a better aspect of the game to be bought and for those not on live, it should not effect you anyway.
I'm glad they got caught and the game CRACKDOWN got them (CRACKDOWN GET IT), the best Gaming Sting Opperation, and biggest 2 date. The Crackdown, game is great, but a copied one really fhuks up live, and with the Halo 3 Beta, it was a sting that will be on formums for weeks to come, of complainers and guttersnipes, and the supposed innocent, who copy the originals for back ups due to the drive scratching the disks, if your drive messes up your disk complain to M$ and get it fixed and get a game voucher to replace the one you lost. You are consumers and the cost of games is high, but we all pay the same per region, i have never paid full price for my games as i will fight for discount and shop around. And if people stopped copying, prices would drop and will. Either that borrow friends (original)copy or wait 2 to 3 months and the price drops to a 1/3 of original cost. Or buy a second hand game, they are out normally a week after release, as lots of people buy day of release and finish the game by thursday, to get there next fix. The price should be 20% cheaper, if not compain, even if its mint, its second hand, or cut a deal, i'll pay asking but fix return price and date. Or rent the game, Blockbusters have most games and if it does not, talk to the manager of the store and ask for it, most cases it can be got and if not ask your friends to ask too. Though some games require special things to be passed before being allowed to be rented. And ask before release date.

Next time parental control and the banning of underage players on games, that are not suited to their warpped and fragile minds, if they like to kill, take'm to the local abitoir (cattle kill house) and show them what happens to little lambs. Then throw them into a game of paint ball with googles on and no gun and no overalls/padding and let them cry as you take them to the doctor for blood clots from briuses, that are changing colour as you watch. AS i said next time, i'll bring the dictionary, so i can understand what swear word they make up this week, involving my mamma.

I have just read this and the first line is news the other stuff is fodder, sorry, keep LIVING THE LIVE DREAM.


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