Criterion Games New Website!

Criterion Games have been making some updates to there website, I think they are still working on it, but I like the direction its going in.

CriterionGames Spanking New Site!

CriterionGames new Web site

BurnoutAholics now has a link too! cool!! Criterion Community 

Criterion is now also doing weekly exclusive screen shots from Burnout Paradise. Check out the first one here. This week you can have a closer look at the Hunter Cavalry. This is the first car you get in Burnout Paradise and it is also the car that you will get to drive in the demo.




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The image at the top of the site has an image of a car being sideswiped by a truck, with what looks like a tanker in the background. Is this the first time we have seen trucks in Paradise? I can't recall seing them anywhere else.


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I've been routing around the Criterion website and they have added lots of new stuff including this link to the footage of Paradise in a PS3 TV ad. Probably only be seen on TV is the US, so worth a look on the website for everyone else!

Paradise in PS3 TV ad

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