Exit. I'll take a 50/50, definitely phoning a friend and I don't trust the audience.

The person who came up with Brexit, must have been racist's (that is a strong statement Suf? I know, but this a blog and IMHO counts? Yes?No?). It should have been called EU Referendum, Leave or Stay, in the European Union. Not. Get out U! Or there is the exit, leave... The person who came up with it wanted out and wanted you to think out, 'other' people out, too. And Bropen would have upset too many people, and let more people in for hugs and stuff.

So the E.U.. Something set up to enable free trade or low cost trade, to our closet neighbours and stop us having costly wars with each other, that cost money and many, many lives.

A life cost more than a $1,000,000 for most insurance purposes and there is love and education and training and self worth on top of that for most of the population, but for rich people it is more to send the child to the best and what they want life style that rich and famous can have, etc. But they also have to include the cost of security and extra safety. Because money is coveted, wanted, needed by all in this day and age. To feel secure. And not get my kid (yes, my child is a baby goat) kidnapped for my money that the family has, earned or inherited etc.

That big idea, that big money cheque. It is what people want so they can feel safe.

Talking of money, that Vote cost us in 'one day', what would have been our worst fee to the E.U. for 10 years straight.

Since 2008 when some very smart people who want to make money, a shit ton of money off the backs of those who wanted to have those small luxuries that would make life feel better, and keep up with the Jones's. The better car, wide screen TV, house, and were sold it by the banks.

They came up with the idea they could sell and make money of peoples debt? Fricking genius!

Sorry that sixth paragraph (it was third yesterday :)) starts up with a date (they were plotting that idea, and implemented it many years before), that is when it went, tits up, which should mean a good thing, why is this phrase used, it should have nothing to do with tits, up or down, there's tits, tits are good? To most straight men or gay women with the smattering of Bi-sexuals out there. So what is bad about tits? A lot of women like their own tits. So tits are good, what happen was bad, real bad. So not tits.

So 2008. It was the biggest, crushing disaster with money as in for almost forever, there were depressions, one even called the Great Depression, it was that bad, so why use great? as great is a positive word, dam it. And it was the Banks fault and some smarted arsed wanna get rich bunch of blokes (has to be men, or some very strong willed, never having children, women who also wanted to be rich too), and studied finance and probably economics too. Who came up with this dubious idea!

Anyway, there are wars also going on, from the knock on effect of 11/9/2001, which had a knock on effect from the previous war for oil and trying to remove extreme religion from the Middle East. Which caused a extreme religious group to be born and so on. You get it, we humans make bad stuff happen, and it has been happening for ages.

What the hell! See even hell though universally recognised by the religious is a bad place, even by atheists too. But I'll try to avoid using that too. So word for bad place to be? Here? Earth? some local place in geoography?(yes, I left in the 'o' it looked cute) Like somewhere cold or someplace hot. Or dead, like the bottom of a grave?

So Money, Religion and Race are the factors of life and then Politics, which has become a show of absolute rubbish in the Western or democratised world. With a lot of 'look at me', and being honest with my bad ways, and bad thoughts and bad ideas and just being a bad person really. We kept looking because it was so stupidly funny, until other people started to think the same way.

Royalty has even been turned to as we all look for someone to help solve and fix the mess that is the world today. Royalty, and I love my Royalty because they are lock-up behind parliament/government (not that they are any better either) and can't do something stupid like feed us cake, rather than bread or chop off our head because we laughed when they did something human but very stupid.

 There is Royalty all over the world, and they were in place because the place runned (what the grave? I know ran, lol) better when someone is in charge. But when you had a Mad King, life was not so nice for anyone.

So in America for instance, Royalty is seen as the rich, even the President can be seen as Royal, but he is not, he is the leader (not that he is allowed to be as he is blocked by congress), the people who left England, and killed off the indigenous people, the people living there btw, the Indians (what was America called before it was America, the Native Indians called it 'the world' and many other names like Turtle Island?), went to the Americas to get away from Royalty. And certain parts of religion too. Though they took a few with them. And are creating a 'Royalty' of their own, with money and power.

I forgot Power, not the stuff like energy, for the lights and stuff, but power to change peoples' minds, to tell them what to do and they do it without question, and in today's age that is linked to money and business. So Royalty had power, Religion had power, leaders had power, a race has power, and now at this moment money has power. BTW Love is the strongest power, a lot of religion was based on Love.

Love of a famous person is incredible power, for the lover and the loved, but since that famous person is human, its power can be misused, that love can be misused too.

Anyway I am getting side tracked, love can do that.

So back to the state of the world, we are still recovering from a recession, that happened 8 years ago, the banks have paid back the money they lost,(our money btw, they are just supposed to look after it), a long time ago, so most thought it was over, we are back to normal?

Nope, were are still raped (I was going to use fucked, but that is good thing, unless its rape, you see where my mind is at with this blog, I am finding fault with everything, my mind is reeling still with stuff I am trying to type about this bloody vote, yes, blood has been spilled because of this.)

So the world is not in a good place, the United Kingdom is not in a good place, all due to a Vote. A Vote due to bad politicians, telling lies, misinformation, twisting information, and not doing their job, which is doing right by the people, all the people it governs. And I know you can't please everyone, but in general, their job is to make it right for all they govern. And not just a select few either, all of them.

This vote was almost a 50% split. Does this mean that 50% of our population is racist? I don't believe that, but going by the smatter of the bought and paid for press,  and the 'free' internet, I have witnessed that immigration was the selling point for most in the UK. We don't like to have people coming into our country trying to make a living, after running away from a country that they lived most of their lives, because of the fear of death, from a war that was caused by us, the 'Western' democratic world in the first place.

They put a strain on our Tax and National Insurance paid services. If they are working they are paying too.

So what about the dossers, you know the lazy ones, that just want the dole money or Government assistance money, paid for by hard working people. You work hard because you need too, or because you believe in hard work, but I think people that have to scrounge for living on a low wage or no wage, work the hardest or they die. But that does not lighten the load on people that are paid well either, they work hard to keep their jobs, because fear of losing it, from the company they work for failing on the stock market, from someone below them that wants their job, to living in a world with no job, is living and dying in the streets. See Dubai for an example.  

Our social fund is paid by us to help those  people (even this wording makes me racist, but when I mean those people I mean people that have no money), because you could become one of those people, and in this day and age, it happen in less than a day.

The Power of fear, sells newspapers and press, but it also sold the vote too.

I voted to remain due to fear, the world is financially messed up, and being in a group, that help each other out, was my thought for better united world future. But now I'm stuck on a Island with people I fear more (is that 50% of fear too :)), because they turned into easily scared xenophobes', that did not bother to educated themselves on what they were voting for? I spent 4 weeks reading up about the referendum, and there were 100 days of Brexit, that was supposed to inform us what it was all about?

I did think about voting leave because of the European financial problems and taking on the debt of other countries that were asking to join the E.U. too. That to leave would mean we would have to pull our shorts up (yes, us English people pull our trousers down to sit or we are shitting all day, must be all that foreign food we eat?) and try and find a new industry or expand on our established industries that are beginning to grow. Also go a bit self sustaining and start to go organic with our produce and build up a better crop and sell it as an export. And also turn into a Switzerland/Caribbean and have a banking zone due to the £? Make software and specialised computer systems, and have a reason to make a Great Britain, and take over the world again :P. Yes, we a little island use to rule the world, with power and might, and taught everyone English along the way. English was used by scientists in the early days because Latin was confusing some, and became the universal language for trade, because we were richer and stronger, so ner! And other typical English mannerisms that the world see us by.

But either way the vote went, we still needed to pull our shorts up and get to work. We lost all our good stuff, the things we made to sell to other people outside our own country, stuff that was so good we bought it all first before we sold it elsewhere. We built ships, sold stuff we dug up from the ground, and stuff we took from the countries we 'conquered' to make that stuff too.

This vote humbled me also, from being that first world great nation in the past, to being second world, you know one up from third world. (This is based on me growing up in third world parts of the earth, and seeing them build themselves up till they are now the first world leaders, and yes that was all built on oil money and stuff, but you get what I mean, darn, what I'm trying to say, that Britain has not being very Great and has been slipping).

Our society has changed, our world society from our democratic lived lives, was getting better until we lost all that money. It made no difference to the third world, as they are too busy trying to survive, and don't have a media device anyway unless they are having to watch a world sport as it is good press, unless they are fans. And if they could be watching this, they are probably thinking we needed a good kick in the bollocks for what we did in our nations past to them. The worm has turned, maniacal laugh, shoe drop...ouch.

With the world press saying the sky is falling on our heads, since they become very private business interests, rather than unbiased news for the people, it is in the public interest to know the truth and the facts, is that not a thing? when the press show someone's nudity, they use that term, to get around privacy. This vote should not been a private thing or very one sided either, to both sides.

There is just extreme left and right and middle saying 'we are the middle there is no extreme in the middle' just the facts and truth, that they looked for.

The press just want to sell papers, because when you buy that paper, you see all those adverts that the advertisers have paid the paper to show you as well as their message.

No such thing a free press.

When it first began maybe but not for long. Also say someone you know or don't but is famous and does something stupid or even worse breaks the law, and the press find out, because of truth, but these days money. The famous person could pay to stop the story, though the paper may make more money selling the story. Either way the press knows that famous person did wrong and can use them to sell their message too.

Power again.

So people power. We get a vote, we have the power right, wrong? The vote is cast, and as a nation we have to live with that, that is what democracy is all about, right, wrong?

I will live with the vote, even with its 50/50 split as it does not affect me, as it is still same for me before the vote as is after, as I am way down the ladder, and as a selfish person who just wrote that because well I am, I messed up in my life and allowed myself to be broken and did not educate myself enough to fight to get myself fixed. I worked hard and broke myself, was the jobs I did, hard work, no but I know I was working a 70 hour week in two jobs, because financially I also messed up. I have lived off hand-outs ever since in my eyes, and a lot of other eyes too. I know I am dyslexic, I know it takes days to write stuff, and it bothers me, I feel weak and useless, and have done so for most of my life, I assume it is brain chemistry, environment and self-esteem.

But I did know the vote was not for now, it was for the future, on both camps as it was 40 years ago when we wanted to join the E.U.. I wanted a united world, with strong ties to great history of my country, you know the good stuff that would outweigh the bad stuff. I wanted the next generation to believe freedom, love, prosperity, well being and general happiness would be the future. Going how xenophobic my nation is, we did need to become an island again just to keep us away from the rest of the world, hugs and kisses is sissy to them, and will not work now.  

The other side believed that refugees were stealing their jobs and mooching of the benefit system and that the money saved from coming out of the E.U. would now go to the NHS and other systems to help the general British public in need or when needed and kick out the unwanted and undesirables.

I have been on that system on and off over the last 20 years (around 4 years if you add it up, not to bad for a man that was seen as disabled until 2012 when it all went very grave), they even helped me set up my business last year, as part of that system, so I would be off the books of the unemployed. It was part of a loan, to set up the minimum I would need to start my business, I needed double that to become self sustaining, so in a sense, I have half a business. Which means I do half the work I want to do at the moment.

I have been taught a certain set of skills in the media by an available education system, which is great btw, though they don't teach you about money, how much to charge and what to give to the government etc, which at the last count will eventually cost me over £15k, which I don't think I'll be able to pay back while earning £100 per week. But this may change, I have to be optimistic that it will get better :).

Loyalty is another power, I have that with friends and with family sometimes. I even have it for the country I do love which was Singapore, I said something to some military guy over a beer, (when I could afford one), that if the UK and Singapore went to war, I would be on Singapore's side. All due to living there in my teens, though was also there when much younger. No, not an army brat, an oil kid. I even walked into the middle of a jungle and  told to pick a spot to place the oil well at the age of 8. It will be my sin to carry that I added to our consumption of oil. Oh and Singapore is sort of run like a corporation, a bit socialist and bit dictatorship, but has a melting pot as they say of all sorts of races and religions. A bit like Manhattan too. And London. Well most large cities in the world, where the population and business meet.

So my loyalty to my country that I was born, mostly educated, and cared for in, is very low, as I had ideas when I was younger, that it was not Great Britain, just Britain. I saw our history, I saw our government, I saw our corruption and I just didn't like the place. I did not like our people either, rough, gruff, rude and very racist.

I have seen that since I was 18 and see it very much today. Oh, btw I am racist, to be honest, as a child I did no better, I used all the derogatory slang related to race and religion in my younger days, and I still laugh at degenerate jokes said by comedians', I was even a homophobe. But I think that was due to people calling me gay at a young age because I would just not shag any girl I saw, I wanted to be in love to make love. But living in Asia you get over that, though I will still stare at a transgender person, sorry but some are to stunning, that they could have not been born a different sex to look that good and others because a woman with a beard, a dress, (normally something that would look sexy after the complete change), a dick and Adams apple, look different and sometimes funny in a ridiculous sort of way, I am sorry but I am human too. I have been laughed at for how I look too. And recently, because I have a big beard, been spat at, swore at and told to go home, back to my country and take your religion with you. I was born here in the United Kingdom, well it was when I was born. I believe there could be a supreme being, I like the ways of Buddha and a few other religions but I am mostly atheist, due to, if there was a god, she would have stepped in or sent her daughter down by now as her son was not enough. I know I asked a lot of god when I was younger for someone to step in from that heavenly plain.

So back to the Vote, we voted to leave, not to make people leave or keep them out. The vote was supposed to be about leaving a group of companies, sorry, countries that had a system that was so bureaucratic that it seemed to stand still, and due to the crash in 2008, was not financially stable, and wanted to add even more unstable counties into the fold.

Most of my food comes from the E.U., most of my stuff is made there, though most of my tech and clothes come from Asia, cheap labour and we will not work for less than minimum wage to make clothes? It is the way the world works. The stuff I use to buy that was 'British' has become Euro'fied or International'fied, as big business wants all the customers, worldwide. Names were changed for that like the Marathon bar to Snickers, Jif to Cif etc. And most products have more than one language on the back.

The world was a big place for me as a kid, (I thought the moon was America and hence we had to fly there in giant jumbo jets), it got smaller as I travelled it, smaller still with the internet, and smaller still as we joined forces with our neighbours and allies. That was the point, we were supposed to become a worldwide federation, like in Star Trek, find peace on Earth and discover what is out there in space, and bring peace to that too. If our civilisation is here in 10,000 years we may have started to do that. And that is the problem, civilisations have been and gone in our world, we see that with our science, through archaeology and just looking from space.

There are just too many people on the world, birth control, is not in control, governments can't cope and/or are corrupt, resources  are scarce, and not just oil and other fossil fuels, but water, air, places to grow food and places to put our populations.

We are cutting down so many trees that the Earth has become sick, as it can't recycle our air enough, a lot of children are now being born not able to breath, suffering from asthma and other lung based problems, the sun is not being reduced by our ozone layer so we are getting skin cancers. The heat is being built up due to carbon monoxide (air pollution is more than CO but it works for what I am trying to say) and even that layer magnifies the sun's power, the ice poles are melting, and all caused by our industrial revolution less than 300 years ago and too many vehicles on the road, on the sea and in the air. And the amount of rubbish we make is just nuts and it gets everywhere but most in our oceans.

We were fine earth wise until then, yes we had the dark ages due to volcano erupting in Asia, and the damage that cost was massive too, and it will happen again, and we are not even ready to deal with that, or the other natural disasters that come our way, with earth quakes and flooding etc. And a lot of it is caused by us, due to knock on effects of how we live today.

The UK was the biggest donator to charities outside our country per capita at one time, to help Africa and places that were hit with natural disasters, we have nice and generous people that live here, they must be that 48% that voted to remain?

So it has been the weekend after the vote, it looks like we all got pissed, to praise our vote or dismayed by our vote and beat up the jolly foreigner along the way, that's the blood bit that vote cost us btw.

The leave voters already lost their minds to bad press and bad Politian's views, and when it hit home that there were many lies told too, they lost their minds to alcohol, and beat people up that looked like they did not belong in our country.

Even our Prime Minister voted for by us as a democratic majority, quit so he did not have to hit that button to leave. Leaving it to the next guy that will get voted in. And that choice is dwindling to that idiot or the other idiot??

Why are there no great leaders left, well there are but they want to get paid, so they run companies not governments, though they use their wealth to influence government officials to make more money because a rich company is a good company and keeps the share holder happy?

See I blame the rich for the state our world is in, because they avoid paying taxes earned in the country the work in, but when the company is international where do they pay their taxes, they don't want to pay more than once right, it's their money, they earned it, so they hide it for a rainy day in an offshore account? But you can only have so much money right, to keep your 10 homes with power, and full of food, your keeping up with the Kardashians, Gates' or whomever has made so much money that  anything can be bought. And then there are companies that make so much money they sort of own the world, they gain power with that wealth and abuse it for more wealth.

Are some trying to make the world a better place, yes, some of the rich are using their money to help the world, change the world with philanthropy, Mr Gates with Malaria No More is a good example. They sort of have to or bad press will ensue, which will cause a knock on effect to what they have built over the years in business. It is all linked. But that is the thing, the rich can afford to look after us, what else can they do with the money, its only a score card now, they have done the hard work, they are ones that can afford to bring change to the better for the world, if they want to.

And should they, they see the world as I do, with the bad and the good, they are educated and know how the world runs. Should they bother to help us, when we still fight wars, are still bigots, racist, homophobic and generally childish in the way we still look at the world with a them and us bullshit.

We are all 'us', us is everyone. And one vote cost US!

As usual this was blog, that is a rant, as I get so cross, (as a female friend puts it), with the state of the world we live in, from guns and their killing of innocent people, or uneducated population that don't have time to be as they are so worried that the sky will fall on their heads, to general bullshit from our governments, that are supposed to work for us, all of us.

I still think the world is an amazing place, and we have to keep it amazing or it will just shrug us off and wait for the next civilisation to try and get it right.