hello to all you Burners

we hope you might like our forthcoming game. it's coming for ps4, pc and xbox one.

and just to say...

we havent forgotten about you guys....and we've been really busy for the past year or so.


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Three Field's Entertainment have released details of their first Game!

Dangerous Golf! see here:http://threefieldsentertainment.com/ or at your local gaming web site for details.

So Burnout Crash mode with Balls... Golf balls :) 

I am looking forward to playing this, when I have a bit of time in the future. 

I think I maybe free in May which is the possible but not confirmed release date for Dangerous Golf.

Coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Steam.

Burners get your clubs and flaming balls ready...

And congratulations to the team at Three Fields Entertainment for getting there after a year of hard work and play. 

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Yep. busy, us too... although not making games or updating the website so it likes internet explorer or on twitter, so I'm severely behind the times. Dangerous Golf = Cool, not being able to post easily on Burnoutaholics is balls though! Anyhoo, we have a new baby but by May I might have set nap times for gaming! :)

We might even have time to dedicate to this site again one of these days....did someone say year of Xandu? ;) 

It's always lovely to hear from you Alex, wishing you every success!

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...although the game does not seem to be about that smiley. Looking forward to playing it in May.

@ZombieTron if you have issues with posting try using Chrome instead of Edge. Also I have decided to leave the site as is until another game in the Burnout series is announced. smiley

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