Hello there,

I've enjoyed playing Burnout for years - particularly Paradise, which I put many, many hours into. I used to play online with some of the Road Cru a long time ago, but strangely never signed up over here. It's sad that so much of the community seems to have disappeared. I used to follow Criterion a lot - I got hooked on the podcasts and I still remember the days of the ill-fated official forum.

Keeping a keen eye on Three Fields now. I'm particularly interested to see how their first games reflect their principles and culture (and hoping they'll share some of the things they learn along the way). Team culture is hard, especially in the games industry, so I'm glad they're having a fair go at doing things in a decent way.

I've recently moved abroad with work so I'm currently without a console, but I plan to pick one up soon. If the Xbox One compatibility works out, I'll be firing up Paradise again for a while.



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Hope you enjoy your stay here, I am more a Revenge, Burnout 3 player, but I have 700 hours in Paradise, so when back compatibility starts and you have that console we'll have a game or two to rub off the rust spots :)

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?