It's High Noon.


It's been less than 7 days since I found out about Robin Williams death, I watched so much of him being 'alive' this week, and seen some stuff I never got a chance see due to being so young at the time. Like the '78 Roxy performance, and I'm grateful that YouTube exists, for me to wallow  in those missed gems. Yes, I own most of his movies (there are still 4 to be released) in one form or another and some of his stand up's, truth be told I have a lot of dead men's stand up Videos and DVD's as well as a lot of their films though some are in the ether as I lend them out to people saying 'You gotta watch this!'. It seems to be funny that you gotta be suffering from something to get to be able to tell jokes or just make people laugh. You need to see the dark side before you can make it fucking funny, that is not the truth but seems to be for the ones I love and enjoy.

I miss Spike Milligan another funny man that put himself in 'loony bins', John Belushi, and many others who died from over doses of drugs and alcohol. It seems to be funny you gotta have a tortured soul or something wrong with you, maybe it's part of the process, and that seems to be the sad part of it all.

When I was younger and still feel it today, if I could just meet these people, give'm a hug and say talk to me, that I could help or even 'cure' them, now that is funny, me helping the broken, when I myself feel broken but with helping them I help myself, even to forget my pains for that amount of time. But truth be told it's bullshit, most had someone nearby to help, but could not talk or did not want to burden people, or stood on stage getting their 'therapy' by making others laugh.

All clowns with tears running down their faces.

Some will say we have Bill Cosby, had George Carlin, men that are alive or passed at an older age they seem ok and other funny people alive today, do they suffer? Probably. And in truth they just gotta ask for help. But will they, as it seems to be their material, their fuel to make us laugh.

We lost Richard Prior and that man was fucked up, but fucking funny as he told us his tales of woe.

In this day and age we are lucky to be able to look back at the dead and see them alive via media channels, I don't watch TV but I know there are re-runs happening of Robin's work, which is great it allows the young to see what we have of the dead funny men. I assume there are funny women that have passed but you don't hear about it, though women seem to able to deal better or don't use the dark side to be funny. Then again a lot of their jokes are about the stupidity of men. And sadly vice versa with wife jokes.

When I do look back I do seem to think they were prophets of doom, seeing the dumb and the stupid that are in power making mistakes, the way we treat our world in a bad way, to sort of enlighten us, that 'guy' in charge is even more fucked up than me and I'm just a 'funny man' that 'Guy' is the leader of the 'free world' and he can't even spell or speak coherently. Sorry Mr. President but it's true.

Pain should not should not be funny, but a lot of people watch, the 'fails' videos on YouTube, I try to avoid them, unless someone tells me that no-one got hurt, so I'll watch some unfortunate person or animal mess up in some spectacular way and walk away with a bruised ego, thankfully, but I rarely laugh, more think lucky bastard, it could have been nasty.

I do laugh at pratfalls, sometimes, fails by design but even then people can get really hurt, look at Jackie Chan. The work of Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton and The Three Stooges, some of their stuff has got to have hurt just to make us laugh. Jackass also comes to mind. And we all laugh at the banged funny bone, and these past years I don't because I know it  fucking hurts. Sometimes we laugh because crying seems less. But boy did I cry at the news of Robin's death.

We laugh at the unfortunate, rather than joy, and I know most of the dead comedians wanted to give us joy, to laugh and forget for just this moment that what is going on out in the real world or what woes we have inside ourselves is replaced with laughter.

A lot people say Laughing is a lot like having an orgasm, especially with the tears running down our faces, the jiggling of the body, the animal like sounds we blur out, we just become a mess of uncontrollable laughter. Just don't laugh in my face, ok, unless I asked for it :).

And to think, I was going to write about the problems with NFS:Rivals, Twitch and YouTube fails I had last weekend. And some of that could be seen as a joke, but only to a select few.

I miss them all, well the one's I saw and think I knew, and now there are so few, they all stepped into the breach, to hold the line to make us laugh, to stay the woe that is sometimes life. May they rest in peace.

A small note, I don't think it was all 'dark and sad' for them, those funny comedic people, they had real lives outside their work and had joy of their own shared with friends and family, I'm just going by what I saw in their shows and films. OK. Good. Now go have an Orgasm or something less harmful.


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Dead funny.

Funny Dead.



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make another video dying by a COD Throwing Blade. Under the hands of Scudsta :P.


Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?

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Funny.            (A very funny man...)

Dead.              ( now dead...)

Dead funny.      (...he was very funny...)

Funny Dead.     (...and still is...)

Dead.               ( reiterate, a funny man has died...)

Funny.             (...but is still funny.)

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i was being funny about you getting pawned in COD :)

Patience is something I taught myself, so I never know when it's going to run out?