UPDATES 11-08-2014

On Saturday, the site was updated due to some serious security vulnerabilities in Drupal. At the same time, I removed our old chat room as it had several security issues that needed fixing.

I have added a new chat room, which is a little bit different from our old chat. There are two options, one on one chat or public chat. The public chat will only be visible to online users. Messages are not saved and consequently it cannot be used as a “message board” like our old chat. All messages in the one on one chat is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the “Chat messages” link in the top right menu.

There is also one other major change I did a couple of weeks ago. We are no longer accepting new members. To become a member of our esteemed club you must acquire a special invitation code from one of the admins (Me, The Tron or Dr. Suffur). We might also publish special multi-activation invitations for special events, tournaments or for members of specific web sites.