NFS Rivals - The online multiplayer singleplayer only game...?

NFS Rivals is really frustrating me! It is a fun game if you are after a single player experience, only problem is that it is made to be played online. I think it would be really fun if it worked. On Xbox 360 there are horrible sync issues were other racers appear to be next to you but really they were there 5 seconds ago or maybe a minute ago!

As long as you are not communicating with other players this is fine since you will think that you are doing really well taking everybody down and winning all the races etc... (oh I should mention that voice coms hardly ever works in the game).

If you talk to other players (SUFFUR) in a party the fun soon stops since you discover that what you see and think is happening is not what everyone else is experiencing.

To make this even worse the game actually seems to know where the other players are as the green "All drive" menu keeps popping up every now and then, but the player cars are nowhere to be seen. So you can be parked alone at a event and start it with a friend that is not there. You can complete the race as it were two offline races and whoever had the best time wins... or not...

If you are racing in first place and haven't seen any other racers you are probably in last place or really far ahead... not likely.

If the Ghost Games (I'm not goint to mention EA... ooopps) that made this game have any pride at all they will patch this... but I have a suspicion that they "don't know about this" (which would have to be a lie since we have told them) or are working on some lame ass car-dlc or maybe their next game.

How can this kind of crap can make it out to the market...