I wrote this on my FB but It pay's to advertize

 Now my dd's are bouncing, bounce bounce bounce, if dis keeps going i'll have to close shop on me self, anyone wanna buy my life?

I still have a 12 month Live card left, MW3 unopened, a Star Wars console unopened, lvl 64 warlock about to ding, with all expansions, there is probably a death knight about, 5 char's on BL's 2 above 12, 2 are almost 50's one on a 2.5, second almost on second play throu , and 800 vhs's, 2 vcr's and some DVD's.  And if necessary will get my Rank down on Revenge, if it's a deal breaker? Not that hard really there is nothing but noobs on there now. There is other stuff non-game related but you get to see or be told that at the close of the deal.

Oh, got BF3 Premium, though not touched End Game yet if that adds some zing to the sale?

I give a good back rub, can do fully body but you'll want that happy ending if i do? In case you did not want to go there. Also if you have the facilities i bathe/shower regular too... at 6'4" I need a bit of room, so a 6'6" x 6'6" cell like space will be fine, i could get a real one easy but rather not take a life thou one is lined up for this sacrifice, not that they know that part of plan E.

Though plan B is unable to pay council tax, so may get into jail free, there is no go past Start collect £200 in this game of life i play , but i still think i'm winning, not sure what but there is a win since i got past my 21st birthday, though it was nasty from '96 till '99, and another when i got a degree at 33!  (you would would not believe i had that sort of education, but i also speak Singrish weally well la). (Meaning will move there if you can afford it?)

Sadly can't do hard labour due to back problem, but i will keep going till i am jelly fish of crushed spinal bones and wet with spinal fluid, so don't slip over as you pour me into a big bucket for the night, to rest for the next day.

I get on with most animals, as i have worked in retail on and off for 21 years, and i love kids especially if they are cast iron fried and there are a lot of condiments...and some sort of potato and veg i believe in being healthy. I also drink a lot of water, clean water please. There are a few exceptions i will not eat, your own children for those who have them and one's of my blood and ties, though again for a fee i will but will have tears of sadness pour down my face as i do.

Can be a sex slave but i really do just lie there and think of world peace and will do till i die from such slavery. And i don't do seafood, unless you wish for me to have a slow painful death, which is plan Z anyway, if plan X don't work on the second try?

For you to clear my debt since Uni, I/we need £25k, but you get me!

Also for film fans/makers i have a folder and some journo' pads full of ideas and as long as i get a credit, they will be yours for above fee, and i come up with new ones all the time.

If you just want to help as you maybe rolling in cash, just buy my rented house, it has all the facilities i need with a care taker but would need 100 times the above figure, but i will be here for doing the above but i will also do it for you too or do it too you if you pick that sex slave option, i will also smile and lie to you just like everyone else in that position. (a note here I'm more into females, but for that sort of money there will be exceptions as long as you don't brag about it, though for a 1 month contract where i keep said facilities and the fee is doubled you can film it and put it anywhere you like and i'll say it was against my wishes but a fee was paid.) That fee will also help me build a green screen studio?

PS to some people who think i may have wasted money on games, the only bad price i paid for games was for all the Call of Duties and maybe those Star wars consoles, all else i got discount or shopped around.

Yes, I could also do your shopping, I have a good eye for ladies fashion plus the shoes part, sling backs ahoy, heels, some comfortable pumps or trainers, and great at bargain hunting. I will not lie to you, white or other wise.

I can drive, licence is clean but unless you have a crude oil free vehicle i shall not drive, so i'll stick to driving your rank up on Revenge.  Plus i don't drink unless you want me to?

Can also be a house husband, have good genes to make the babies but i will be fine with testing to see if it is good, but have you seen my family! they are fracking hot and smart, and have a lot more common sense that most of the general public, maybe even  more than me?

PS you will also have to pay for the Lawyer to sort a contract that will keep both our interests in shape. Especially for the Sex Slave option and the House Husband option. I really don't want you locked in with me for life, you'll go crazy and might hurt me or something...or yourself for that matter.

I could also have written Fuck Off! Winning as I confirm my place into the 98% percentile of this world of economics! as it would have saved me two hours writing this shit.

This is also a formal warning that i am in administration to myself.